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Faith Driven Consumer: 'God's Not Dead 2' is 'chillingly realistic,' a 'wake up call'


Tue, Mar 29th 2016 05:10 pm

With the huge success of 'Risen' and 'Miracles From Heaven' this Easter, bellwether group predicts the sequel to 2014's surprise hit 'God's Not Dead' will resonate with target audiences and beyond

Coming to theaters nationwide Friday, April 1, Pure Flix Entertainment's latest film, "God's Not Dead 2," has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars by Faith Driven Consumer, meaning the film is highly likely to resonate with the faith-driven consumer audience.

"God's Not Dead 2" tells the story of a teacher who answers a question about Jesus in the classroom and is sued - risking everything she has in standing for her faith. 

Faith Driven Consumer, representing 41 million Americans who spend $2 trillion annually, has earned wide recognition both for its corporate FaithEqualityIndex.com rating system, and also for its Faith-Friendly Film Review entertainment rating system. FDC serves as a key resource for audiences and entertainment industry leaders alike, measuring the faith-compatibility of entertainment offerings and predicting how they will resonate. 

Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer - and a certified brand strategist - issued the following statement:

"Hollywood is offering more choices for faith audiences now than in a generation, and the box office is rewarding studios for creating content people want. The success of 'Risen' and 'Miracles From Heaven' are the latest proof points, and we believe 'God's Not Dead 2' will be yet another hit. 

" 'God's Not Dead 2' is chillingly realistic - a wake-up call for Christians and non-Christians alike - that the freedoms we have had as Americans for centuries are under assault. We see this movie becoming a movement, a moment where reasonable people will come together to advocate for tolerance, inclusiveness and equality for all of the colors in our nation's rich rainbow of diversity - including faith-driven consumers."

Faith Driven Consumer's Faith-Friendly Film Reviews are based on five core criteria: overall faith and/or Biblical relevance; faith-compatible depiction of characters and character relationships; faith-compatible depiction of situations, family viewing suitability; and entertainment value. 

Read the entire review of "God's Not Dead 2" here: http://www.faithdrivenconsumer.com/faith_driven_consumer_god_s_not_dead_2_is_chillingly_realistic_a_wake_up_call.

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