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`The Biggest Loser's` new logo. (NBCUniversal image)
"The Biggest Loser's" new logo. (NBCUniversal image)

All-new 'The Biggest Loser' returns Jan. 4 with new host, theme, logo, gym, format and eight compelling contestant teams of two


Tue, Dec 1st 2015 02:00 pm

Bob Harper brings unique spin to his new role as host as Dolvett Quince and Jen Widerstrom train eight teams of two, including two faces familiar to television viewers

NBC's "The Biggest Loser," a show known for its incredible weight loss makeovers, will reveal an exciting makeover of its own when the popular series returns Monday, Jan. 4 (9-11 p.m. ET) with new host, Bob Harper; a new "Temptation" theme; an updated state-of-the-art gym; a new logo; fun format changes; and a return to the popular team vs. team competition.

Dolvett Quince and Jen Widerstrom return to train eight contestant teams of two, all with compelling stories. Seven teams (spouses, parent/adult child, siblings, relatives, best friends) will know each other, but one team will be two strangers - former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant and the original "Survivor" winner, Richard Hatch, and "The Voice" season two semifinalist Erin Willett. Having both been in the NBC family previously, the two share the same goal as the other 14 contestants - to change their lives and get healthy.

The renovated "Biggest Loser" gym, featuring a new interior and exterior branded with the new logo, has modernized equipment to help contestants better achieve their fitness goals, including eight high-tech monitors on the walls of each side of the gym that will track contestants' calorie burns as well as heart rates. Half of the gym will be dedicated to Team Dolvett and the other half dedicated to Team Jen.

The weigh-in will be very different this season with a new look and double scales, so contestants on opposing teams can weigh-in side by side, making the weigh-in even more compelling to watch. The contestant house is also getting a whole new look for season 17.

The theme this season is 'Temptation' and contestants will learn how to deal with all kinds of temptations in the real world, ranging from food to money to electronic devices. Players will be spending more time off campus than in previous seasons, learning to face a variety of temptations head on and navigate the challenges that can be stumbling blocks to living a healthy lifestyle.

The engaging new contestant teams include twin brothers and physical education teachers Luis and Roberto Hernandez, and nutritionist Lauren Clark and her mother, Vicki Clark, a women's health care nurse practitioner, who all want be better role models in their professions. Also featured will be Britney Anderson and her Aunt, Tonsheia "Toy" Grandison, whose health and life were forever changed by the accidental drowning of her young son when she was 20 years old.

In addition, the new cast includes Hope Wright, who needs to get healthy in order to start a family with her husband and teammate, Colby, who turned to food to cope with the stress and sadness of losing his father to suicide and his brother six weeks later in a car accident. Jacky Kmet will be competing with her husband, Stephen, whose weight gain accelerated after a job layoff, the diagnosis and death of his father from ALS and the diagnosis of their 5-year-old son with juvenile diabetes.

The new contestants competing for the $250,000 grand prize will be:

Best Friends

  • Whitney Clay (Nanny), 30, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Felicia Buffkin (Nanny), 29, Raleigh

Parent-Adult Child Teams

  • Vicki Clark (women's health care nurse practitioner), 54, Bladenboro, North Carolina
  • Lauren Clark (nutritionist), 32, Bladenboro
  • Rob Kidney (small business owner), 56, Warner Robins, Georgia
  • Sarah Gilbert (makeup artist), 27, Perry, Georgia

Relatives (Aunt/Niece)

  • Tonsheia "Toy" Grandison (store manager/part-time caretaker at a girl's group home), 35, Statesboro, Georgia
  • Britney Anderson (health unit coordinator and makeup artist/hairstylist), 27, Kissimmee, Florida


  • Luis Hernandez (physical/health/driver's education teacher), 36, Chicago
  • Roberto Hernandez (physical/health/driver's education teacher), 36, Burbank, Illinois


  • Jacky Kmet (high school counselor), 42, Hainesport, New Jersey
  • Stephen Kmet (pharmaceutical sales recruiter), 43, Hainesport
  • Hope Wright (housewife), 35, K'Ville, Georgia
  • Colby Wright (car dealership salesman), 31, K'Ville


  • Richard Hatch (television personality), 54, Newport, Rhode Island
  • ErinWillett (singer/songwriter), 26, Brooklyn

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