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Savory Scoops takes on Lewiston Peach Festival

Sat, Oct 3rd 2015 03:35 pm

Review by Christine Basile and Sarina Deacon

The weekend of Sept. 11 was a busy one in Lewiston. The annual Peach Festival brought peach lovers from Western New York up to Niagara County to celebrate this beloved event.

The rain lasted the entire weekend, causing mud pits and water to cover the grounds. But visitors from the Western New York area still came out and supported the festival that took place in Lewiston's historic village.

From drinks to dessert, the Peach Festival had sweet and savory bites to satisfy visitors of all ages. Live music echoed from the Kiwanis tents brightening the mood of visitors and bringing a little bit of sunshine to the gloomy day.

Eyeing a decent-sized variety of foods on the rainy weekend, the Savory Scoops team tackled the festival. Here's what we chose as the cream of the Peach Festival's crop.

Peach Bourbon Chicken Wings ($5) - Butts and Links

Peach Bourbon Chicken Wings ($5) - Butts and Links 

The deliciously sweet and spicy peach bourbon chicken wings.

This dish brought rich sweet and spicy flavors bite after bite. The wings were flash fried to crispy perfection and then tossed in a peach bourbon barbecue sauce, which was smoky with hints of cayenne pepper to give it heat. The flavor was rounded out by the sweet and subtle flavors of peach.

Turkey Leg ($5) - Giant Turkey Leg

Turkey Leg ($5) - Giant Turkey Leg 

Gigantic turkey legs were served all day long right off the grill.

This fair staple was present at the Peach Festival and brought a preview of the Thanksgiving holiday. This gigantic morsel was crispy on the outside and succulent until the last bite. Each turkey leg was served hot off the grill and was ready to eat within seconds.

Lobster Poutine ($6) - Seas the Day

Lobster Poutine ($6) - Seas the Day 

The lobster poutine from Seas the Day brought some delicious and fresh seafood to Lewiston's Peach Festival.

One of the most unique finds of the day, this dish brought lobster to fair food. The fries were cooked to a perfectly golden brown and were covered in thick, creamy bisque with large portions of lobster. While the dish could've used a little heat from some pepper, it was, overall, a delicious dish that filled and warmed us on a rainy day.

Macaroni and Cheese ($5) - Apple Granny

This take on a comfort food classic was made from scratch, piled high and full of flavor. The noodles were cooked well and combined with a cheese sauce made of a custom-made cheese blend. While the dish could have been a little hotter, this well-seasoned meal made our stomachs happy.

Napoleon Raspberry ($5) - Angelo's Italian Pastry

This dessert was a mouthwatering pastry. Similar to that of a baklava, the stacked delight had layers of raspberry jam, flaky pastry and heavy whipped cream. On top, a layer of vanilla glaze wrapped the entire dish up in a delicate and delicious bite. This tasty treat would have been delicious with a hot cup of coffee to end a wonderful day.

Peach Shortcake ($5) and Peach Soda ($1) - Kiwanis Club

Peach Shortcake ($5) and Peach Soda ($1) - Kiwanis Club 

The peach shortcake and peach soda are staples of the Niagara County Peach Festival.

These two treats were provided by the local Kiwanis Club specifically for this fall-time festival. This shortcake was worth the $5 for sure! The shortcakes were donated by the famed DiCamillo bakery and covered in fresh peaches. Piled high with whipped cream, this dessert finished a rainy day with a bit of sweetness. The peach soda ($1) was custom ordered and served in 16-ounce glasses for guests to enjoy.

Even though heavy downpours of rain and gusts of wind tarnished the weekend, the Lewiston Peach Festival was still wonderful, with delicious food in generous portions.

The only thing we'd change, perhaps, would be adding more food items that focus on the festival's main theme: peaches. It was disappointing to see the lack of peach dishes, as the festival is said to focus on this late-summer fruit. It was a chore to actually find something that was peach-related from certain vendors, which was the biggest disappointment.

Hopefully, next year's festival will have better weather and an even greater selection of food than this year.

Live music was played in the tent where the Kiwanis Club served up peach shortcake and peach soda. 

Live music was played in the tent where the Kiwanis Club served up peach shortcake and peach soda.

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