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Parking patterns change for Artpark's 'Tuesday in the Park'

by jmaloni
Sat, Jun 13th 2015 06:00 am

The Village of Lewiston, its Department of Public Works, the Lewiston Police Department and Artpark & Company have teamed up to establish a new parking pattern for "Tuesday in the Park" concert nights. The goal is to move patrons in and out of the venue as efficiently as possible, while lessening the burden on residents living near the park.

"The first purpose is to try to make it easier for the residents, so they don't have people parking outside - kind of partying outside the house or hanging out in cars," LPD Sgt. Frank Previte said Thursday. Additionally, "The traffic that it creates, we can handle, and the traffic patterns are set up to handle the exit from the lots."

"When the side streets get plugged up or covered, it complicates our traffic pattern, as far as getting cars out," Previte said. "It makes it a longer process, and it bunches up things on Center Street. Because when cars get parked on the side streets, they have to get out somehow. And they have to exit onto Center Street."

The new pattern "gives us a better control and an easier way to empty that congestion out if we don't have traffic," he said.

Previte noted congested streets make it difficult for emergency vehicles to travel around the village.

"Because of the width of the village streets, the people that park do not park (properly)," he said. Municipal code calls for motorists to park on the village right-of-way - the edge of the grass. "If we allow them to park on the streets, they park on the street and not off onto the grass, which blocks and narrows the roadway for emergency vehicles or for other vehicles that have to get through either way."

The penalty for parking in areas where it is prohibited can be a ticket and fine or the towing of one's vehicle.

While the village will be more accommodating to occupants inviting friends and family to park in residential driveways, it will not allow unlicensed pay-to-park pop-up lots.

"Tuesday in the Park" kicks off next week.

Artpark concert night street closings list

Roads with no parking on either side of the street:

  • South First Street
  • South Second Street
  • South Third Street
  • South Fourth Street
  • Niagara Street
  • South Fifth Street
  • South Sixth Street
  • South Seventh Street
  • Cayuga Street
  • Seneca Street
  • Tuscarora Street
  • North First Street
  • North Third Street
  • North Fourth Street (to Mohawk Street)
  • North Fifth Street (to Mohawk Street)
  • North Sixth Street (to Mohawk Street)
  • North Seventh Street (to Mohawk Street)

Roads with no parking on one side of the street:

  • South Eighth Street (East)
  • South Ninth Street (East)
  • North Second Street (East)
  • North Third Street (East)
  • North Eighth Street (East)
  • North Ninth Street (East)
  • Ridge Street (North)
  • Onondaga Street (North)
  • Oneida Street (North)
  • Mohawk Street (North)


  • Both Seneca and Seventh streets and Tuscarora and Seventh streets will be closed off with barricades

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