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Naccarato seeks District 5 Niagara County Legislature seat

by jmaloni


Mon, Feb 2nd 2015 11:35 am

Business owner vows to 'Fight for Main Street'

Town of Niagara business owner Joe Naccarato announced he would seek the 5th District Niagara County Legislature seat, representing the Town of Niagara and the DeVeaux neighborhood of Niagara Falls. He told "it's time these two communities have a voice in government decisions again."

Naccarato, who owns Naccarato Landscaping and Design, said he will be an advocate for taxpayers and small business owners, vowing to oppose the growth of county government and work to create an environment favorable to private sector job creation. He will seek the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines this November.

"I own a landscaping company and was raised around a family business. My uncles and cousins built Viola's Submarine House 55 years ago. We need to ensure that people who want to grow their businesses and create jobs have the tools to do so and an environment committed to letting them do so," Naccarato said.

He noted the current Legislature delegation from Niagara Falls includes two city employees and one recent city government retiree.

"Government shouldn't be creating jobs, Main Street should," Naccarato said. "You can't fix what's wrong with government over-reach if the people that are supposed to represent us are financially dependent on growing the public sector."

Naccarato said the 5th District includes the Military Road business corridor and a portion of Niagara Falls' Main Street, as well as many businesses that provide services for Niagara University students and employees of both the college and the New York Power Authority's Niagara Power Project.

"I want to work with our county government to create opportunity in those business districts," Naccarato said. "The question voters should ask is whether government is helping or hindering small businesses in those communities, and whether our district representatives are getting results."

Naccarato indicated he would request a seat on the Legislature's economic development committee if elected.

"Having grown up around a family-owned business, and now having built my own company, I understand the pressures facing local small business owners, and I want to make sure our local small businesses don't become lost and forgotten in public policy," Naccarato said. "I want to work to bridge the gap that exists between franchises and community-owned businesses, which is evident on Military Road, and will be a strong advocate for recouping additional revenues for the Town of Niagara and generating economic development in Niagara Falls."

Naccarato also vowed to work with other elected officials who represent Niagara Falls and the Town of Niagara, but promised to work to build productive relationships with lawmakers from other parts of the county, as well.

"This district needs a real leader. You need to develop mutually respectful relationships with representatives of other communities if you want to get better results," Naccarato said.

In addition to owning and operating a landscaping company, which he founded a decade ago, Naccarato studied computer science at Niagara University and urban planning at Buffalo State College. He has been active with the Boys and Girls Clubs.

He promised to put that experience to work managing county government's operations.

Naccarato lives in the Town of Niagara with his wife, Melissa, a Niagara Falls pharmacist, and 8-month old daughter Franchesca.

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