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Town of Niagara Police Blotter for June 19, 2014

by jmaloni
Sat, Jun 21st 2014 12:00 am

The following is a sampling of calls answered by the Town of Niagara Police between May 30 and June 10.

Friday, May 30

•EMS calls, 6900 block of Elsa Place, Roger Street at D Street, 4200 block of Mohawk Parkway. Patrol assisted in three EMS calls, including an 83-year-old woman with chest pains, a female on a school bus with back pain, and an 88-year-old woman who had passed out.

•Check the welfare, Military Road and Fashion Outlet Boulevard. Patrol checked a report of a man hunched over on a bench. Patrol found the man, who had no apparent issues, eating chips from a bag.

Saturday, May 31

•Traffic tickets, Packard Road, Tuscarora Road, Lockport Road, Military Road. Patrols issued traffic tickets in eight incidents. One involved a driver traveling 51 mph in a 35 mph zone.

•Shoplifting, 2000 block of Military Road. Three Buffalo women, ages 17, 18 and 22, were arrested for taking eight pairs of sandals and a pair of jeans with a total value of $99.91 from a mall store. One was detained by store security; the other two were found by patrol in the parking lot.

Sunday, June 1

•Accident, Packard Road. Complainant reported a property damage accident caused by a pothole.

•Aid assist, Lewiston. Patrol assisted Lewiston Police with a vehicle chase that started in Lewiston, headed towards Youngstown, then back toward the Tuscarora Nation, then into Niagara Falls. The vehicle, with trailing smoke, stopped at Packard and Lockport roads. The officers caught the driver in a wooded area off the roadway. Niagara Active Hose responded for the fully engulfed vehicle.

Monday, June 2

•Burglary, 3100 block of Dell Drive. Complainant reported someone tried unsuccessfully to break into his home and garage and that he has security footage showing a suspect.

•Unauthorized driver, Tuscarora Road near Carol Court. Patrol observed a vehicle pull to the side of the road and the male run to the passenger side and enter. After a traffic stop, the new female driver stated she was 18, but turned out to be 14. She also admitted she had been drinking.

Tuesday, June 3

•Fraud, 8500 block of Porter Road. Complainant said her bank statement had charges made from New York City, the Bronx and Maryland at a time she was in Buffalo.

Wednesday, June 4

•Domestic, 2900 block of Nevada Avenue. Complainant said she had an argument with her brother and he karate kicked the television and left. On a second call on the ongoing domestic dispute, the suspect fled through neighbors' yards on an ATV. On the third time called to the address, the suspect called several times threatening to slit the woman's throat. Warrants issued.

Thursday, June 5

•Domestic, 6000 block of Porter Road. Patrols responded to a fast food restaurant where a Niagara Falls couple was arguing about their daughter dating. During the argument, the male allegedly grabbed the woman's throat and shoved her head to the pavement. After an attempt to locate the male failed, charges of second and third degree menacing and criminal obstruction of breathing were filed.

Friday, June 6

•Stolen vehicle, 1900 block of Military Road. Golf cart valued at $3,500 reported stolen from mall construction area.

•Suspicious incident, 4400 block of Military Road. Patrol investigated illegal dumping in the bank's Dumpster and found seven cases of spray adhesive aerosol cans.

•DWI, Hyde Park Boulevard. Patrol arrested a 60-year-old Lewiston man for driving while intoxicated after a traffic stop for speeding in the Rhode Island Avenue area.

Saturday, June 7

•Domestic, 7800 block of East Britton Drive. Patrol investigated a custody dispute that included a physical altercation.

•Road hazard, 8400 block of Homestead Avenue. Patrol closed an open manhole cover.

Sunday, June 8

•Animal problem, 3200 block of Rhode Island Avenue. Patrol responded on a report of a puppy drowning in a pool. Neighbor reported he saw the puppy get on top of its shelter and jump into the pool while still tied to a rope. When owners didn't respond, he pulled it out.

•Arrest, Tuscarora Road and Effie Drive. Patrol arrested an 18-year-old Richmond Avenue man after he was seen operating a golf cart. The vehicle proved to be the golf cart stolen June 6 from the mall construction site. The man first said it was a friend's golf cart, then admitted he'd been drinking, took the golf cart, went off road and flipped it, tearing the roof off.

Monday, June 9

•Aid assist, 1300 block of Niagara Avenue. Patrol assisted State Police with a foot chase after a vehicle stopped for a check on Hyde Park Boulevard took off and the subject ditched the stolen vehicle in the 900 block of Ontario Avenue. A Town of Niagara officer and state trooper entered building and secured the suspect without incident.

•Suspicious person, 5500 block of Grauer Road. Complainant reported two suspicious males in their 20s reportedly soliciting donations for veterans. Area checked with negative results.

•Burglary, 8600 block of Richmond Avenue. Complainant reported someone entered his house and garage while he was away over the weekend and took food, beer and an air compressor.

Tuesday, June 10

•Domestic, 3100 block of Sadlo Drive. An 18-year old man was charged with criminal mischief, third-degree, after he returned to the house still angry with his father after an earlier argument and started slamming doors, throwing things and shattered a television screen.

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