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Setting the bar: Wheatfield power lifter sets three world records

by jmaloni
Tue, Aug 27th 2013 03:00 pm

by Mark Dryfhout

Adam Ferchen, a native of Wheatfield, began weight training when he was just 15 years old. Back then, Ferchen, pictured, probably looked up to trainers and other lifting athletes while he trained, doing squats, bench presses and dead lifts. He might have found it difficult to believe that he would be setting world records later in his career.

Ferchen still remembers his high school beginnings. When asked what he thought the most memorable part of his athletic career was, Ferchen replied, "The first time I dead lifted 600 pounds. I was 18, my senior year of high school. Back then, that was a huge milestone."

Since then, the young high school competitor has been training rigorously at the gym. It was only natural that Ferchen became a personal trainer at the gym where he picked up his athletic career after high school.

Now 22 years old, having set multiple records and won numerous competitions, Ferchen is looking down on the bar he used to look up to. Ferchen has achieved a 600-pound squat, a record-breaking 415-pound bench press and a record-breaking 650-pound dead lift. In total, the aspiring athlete has collectively hoisted 1665 pounds in those three events.

In order to prepare for his numerous competitions and events, Ferchen trains five days a week, every week. As a result of his dedication and training, Ferchen has participated, with excellent performance, in the Mr. Buffalo competition, Red Brick competition and other state competitions, to name a few. Ferchen broke the record at the Red Brick competition only a few months ago, and won first place in 2010 at the Mr. Buffalo competition.

Ferchen made his record-setting performances at the 2013 New York State Power Lifting Championships on Aug. 10 in Rochester. He was in the 220-pound weight class junior (20-23) division, and the 220-pound open division. The Wheatfield athlete took home first place in the junior division and second in the open division.

"I didn't hear about it until after," said Ferchen as he recalls his reaction to breaking three records. "But I was pretty excited."

Ferchen's recent records have only steeled his resolve to achieve higher, however, "Now, I want to do better," he says. "The record for overall total - 1760 pounds - is held by the No. 1 lifter. I want to be No. 1."

Future plans for the athlete also include competing and dominating the Mr. Rochester competition.

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