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Ceretto: Middle class families left behind by DREAM Act

by jmaloni

Press release

Tue, May 21st 2013 11:45 pm

Assemblyman John D. Ceretto, R-I-C-Lewiston, today voted against the DREAM Act, which he said imposes further costs on middle class families who are already struggling to pay for their children's college education. The DREAM Act, which was passed, would allow illegal aliens who are also students to receive taxpayer funds for their college education.

"The average New York student leaves college with almost $26,000 in debt. We should be looking to help these lawful students with their oppressive debt and lowering their costs before we help illegal aliens," Ceretto said. "It is fundamentally unfair for students and families who are lawful citizens to be burdened with their debts, while those who break our laws receive help."

Ceretto noted his own family experience, both with his grandparents and his own children. Ceretto's grandparents legally came to the U.S. from Italy and were proud to become Americans to give their family a better life. His children all have significant debt from their own college education, like so many lawful residents of New York. The assemblyman said it should be the priority of the state to help its lawful citizens rather than rewarding illegal aliens for breaking the law.

"Proponents of this measure cannot even provide an estimate as to what this law would cost the taxpayers. I cannot in good conscience vote for a law without knowing how much hard-working taxpayers will be forced to pay to implement the program," Ceretto said. "Families are already having a hard enough time paying their own bills as the cost of groceries, gasoline and property taxes continue to rise. It is my job to look after the interests of my constituents, and this law will only raise the tax burden on the already overtaxed residents of New York."

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