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Ceretto to Assembly: Let government reform bills come to the Floor for a vote

by jmaloni

Press release

Tue, Apr 30th 2013 09:10 pm

Assemblyman John Ceretto, R-C-I-Lewiston, is putting pressure on the Assembly to, as he calls it, "stop protecting their own corrupt members and allow two government reform bills to come to the floor for a vote." The first bill, numbered A1571, would limit the amount of time a legislator can serve as a leader to no more than four consecutive two-year terms. The second bill, numbered A4935, would strip pension benefits for lawmakers who are convicted in corruption scandals.

Both bills are being held in committee instead of being allowed to the floor for a vote.

"There is no good reason not to allow a vote on these common-sense bills that will bring integrity back to Albany. These are good-government reforms that the people of New York demand and deserve," Ceretto said. "These proposals will limit the influence of career politicians and hold the corrupt ones accountable. It is unfortunate that legislation that would restore the public's trust in government is being held up."

The State Assembly, which recently had one of its members involved in a bribery scandal, is holding both of these bills in committee and is not allowing them to come to the floor for a vote. Ceretto said the reason these good-government reform bills are being held up is because the Assembly is trying to protect its own "corrupt" members. Ceretto said this is a disturbing example of how good reform bills with significant public support can be stopped and how the "cesspool of corruption in Albany continues to operate at the expense of taxpayers."

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