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Ceretto: Regional lines highlight deep divide over gun rights

by jmaloni

Press release

Thu, Feb 21st 2013 04:20 pm

Encourages Erie County and Niagara County residents to attend Feb. 28 Second Amendment rally in Albany

Assemblyman John Ceretto, R-I-C-Lewiston, criticized legislation Thursday that has been introduced by a New York City assemblyman. The legislation would require law-abiding gun owners to obtain a $1 million liability insurance policy. The bill would penalize gun owners who fail to purchase the hefty insurance policy by revoking their registration, license and any other materials necessary to own a firearm.

"This bill is a flawed attempt to further strip New Yorkers of their Second Amendment rights," Ceretto said. "First, no insurer will provide coverage for negligent and willful acts involving a firearm, which this bill requires. Secondly, the bill does not define the term 'firearm,' either within the bill text or by reference to another statute, making it unclear exactly what types of firearms would be affected by the bill and opening it up to a liberal interpretation of the definition of 'firearm,' thereby impacting every gun owner in the state.

"If passed into law, this bill would make legally owning a firearm in New York state extremely expensive, thereby limiting the ability of working-class families to take part in their constitutional rights while further eroding the rights of all New Yorkers. It would be the death knell of our Second Amendment rights, and it must be defeated!"

County legislatures from across upstate, Central and Western New York have been passing resolutions urging the repeal of the SAFE Act. Currently, 36 county legislatures have passed or are in the process of passing resolutions in opposition to the measure.

"I applaud the efforts of Erie and Niagara county lawmakers for their efforts to repeal the New York SAFE Act," Ceretto said. "This poorly constructed law has done nothing to improve our public safety and was a thinly veiled attempt to erode gun rights so certain politicians could make national headlines. I am proud of my vote in opposition to the bill. I am working with several legislative colleagues from both parties to repeal the act and am committed to stopping additional measures that seek to take away New Yorkers' Second Amendment Rights."

To rally support to repeal the SAFE Act, Ceretto is encouraging Niagara County and Erie County residents to attend the Feb. 28 Second Amendment rally in Albany. For details about transportation to the event, contact Ceretto's district office by phone at 716-282-6062 or by e-mail at [email protected].

"Clearly, there is a deepening divide between downstate political interests and the Second Amendment rights of upstate, Central and Western New Yorkers," Ceretto said. "I am encouraging my constituents to make their voices heard on this issue by attending the rally or contacting my office for a list of anti-Second Amendment New York City lawmakers. Together, we can turn the tide in this battle for our rights and liberties."

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