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Let's Go Back for Feb. 8, 2013

by jmaloni
Tue, Feb 12th 2013 07:00 am

40 Years Ago, Feb. 7, 1973

Neisner's grows on Island

In response to the many inquiries concerning the construction going on next to the present Neisner Store, Manager Stacy Richards cites the new construction as a planned expansion to the present facility.

"Back in 1968," Richards notes, "the size of the store was increased by 70 percent as a growing community needed the greater facility. Well, Grand Island is still growing, and so our store continues to meet the demand of new customers. This new addition will double the current display space, allowing for the expansion of our present departments and the addition of new departments. It will afford Island shoppers a greater selection of merchandise."

Weather is the big factor on determining an "opening date," but it is expected to be completed in 60 days unless unforeseen changes occur in present predictions.

30 Years Ago, Feb. 4, 1983

Please ride the bus

The Island shuttle bus is revising its schedule to include additional runs during the day, but only one run in the early morning and late afternoon.

"We made it so commuters can leave their cars home and take the Metro bus, but hardly anyone uses it," said Bradford Masters Jr., owner of the Bradson Shuttle Bus Service on Grand Island.

He voiced his disappointment at the poor turnout from local residents.

"There hasn't been a bus on Grand Island for 25 years and we thought we would give it a try," Masters said. "If there's a problem with prices or schedules, just give us a call," he said.

... The tight schedule was questioned by Bernice Leiner, a commuter waiting at the plaza bus shelter. "Sometimes the Niagara Falls bus is early and by the time the shuttle bus pulls up, the Niagara Falls bus has left," she said. ...

20 Years Ago, Feb. 12, 1993

Sales tax vote has political ring

The Erie County Legislature was set at 4 p.m. Thursday, for what may have been its final chance to vote on extending the 8 percent sales tax for another year. The result was not available before the Island Dispatch went to press for today's edition.

Legislators had previously failed to reach a two-thirds vote required to approve or disapprove continuing the additional 1 percent. The 8 percent expires Feb. 28. The 7 percent will be back in effect March 1, unless the legislators agree otherwise.

The media Saturday reported failure to extend the 8 percent would "likely cost the county at least $22 million in lost revenue."

Meanwhile six Republicans and six Democratic legislators continued to disagree on the issue.

10 Years Ago, Feb. 7, 2003

Proposed Grand Island Bridge, Hoyt: 'Over my dead body'

New York State Assemblymen Sam Hoyt and Robin Schimminger were present at a special public hearing that was held last Saturday at Grand Island Town Hall.

The meeting was attended by Town Supervisor Peter McMahon, members of the Grand Island Town Board, and a large number of Island residents concerned with what negative impact the placement of an international crossing on Grand Island would have on the local community.

Ever since plans to improve the Peace Bridge were scrapped, alternative sites have been proposed for an international crossing that is considered by many to be essential in dealing with the projected quadrupling in border traffic that will occur in coming decades.

Grand Island has been proposed as a potential site for construction of an international bridge. Island residents have been very concerned over the impact such a bridge would have. Construction of a bridge on the Island would likely result in the loss of approximately 400 homes. ...

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