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Amazing dishes right around the corner

by niagarau
Thu, Mar 15th 2012 10:50 am

Foodies Event hosted by The Social Media Club of Buffalo

Review by Maria Rose

Next time you want an amazing dish, you do not have to look that far.

The Social Media Club of Buffalo held a Foodie Event on Feb.22 at Artisan Kitchens and Baths, 200 Amherst St., Buffalo. This event held place for a panel of some local food bloggers, restaurant reviewers and restaurant owners. The panel was made up of Christa Seychew , food editor at Buffalo Spree Magazine and producer of the Nickel City Chef series; Donnie Burtless, creator of www.BuffaloEats.org , a blog that reviews local restaurants; Beth Manos Brickey, creator of Tasty-Yummies, a blogger who writes about vegan recipes; and Deborah Clark, owner of Delish Cooking School and Pastry shop, found 414 Amherst St., Buffalo.

One of the great things about this event was how all four of the panelists talked about how great Buffalo is for food. There are more places to eat in the city than people think. Rather than looking to go out to the same Fridays or Olive Garden, you can go have an amazing steak sandwich at the Old Pink Bar on Allen Street (reviewed on Donnie's blog, BuffaloEats). Not only is it just a great place to catch a bite, but a great place to socialize and have a drink.

Another great thing they talked about was what you can cook at home. At Tasty-Yummies, Beth talks about all different vegan recipes that she has cooked at home. She does not only talk about vegan, but her own personal food likes, such as going gluten free. Deborah offers cooking classes for beginners where you can watch them make easy dishes with common foods found in the kitchen. She stated that the classes are not for people who look to cook as a profession, but for the mom who may want to learn a new dish for her family's dinners.

The Foodie Event was not just an event held to talk about food, but to show what Buffalo has to offer in good food. The event gave so much insight on how local restaurants are just as good as any Olive Garden. It gave insight on how to enjoy making food in your own kitchen and that you don't have to be a professional cook to make a great dish. So next time you want to go out for a good meal or need a new recipe idea, take a second look around at some of the places around you, and try www.buffaloeats.org or Tasty-Yummies. Maybe even go to a class at Delish or just stop in for a treat and see what Buffalo has to offer?  

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