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College students: How to stay calm during finals week

by jmaloni
Tue, Dec 20th 2011 07:15 am

by Angela Puzzella

Special to NFP

Let's face it: It's finals week - the worst time of the year. You've taken about five or six classes all semester and now have about the same amount of finals; you're pondering to yourself, "What was I thinking!?!"

Don't worry, you can do this. Just read, and use some of my tips and take a deep breathe, everything is going to be OK.

First, try not to cram. I know at the time it might seem like a good idea, but in the long run it isn't. Finals are an extremely stressful time; no one is denying that. However, for finals, it would be more advisable to study in small increments. In the days before your final, study that subject about a half an hour each day. The material will stick with you better this way rather than studying it all at once at ungodly hours of the night. 

Second, take a break from said studying. When preparing for finals, don't solely focus on academics - you'll drive yourself crazy! Take a study break every so often: go to a basketball game, grab a bite to eat with friends, have a movie night. Just take a breather every so often; over-studying is not effective!

Third, and lastly, I know everyone likes to go out on Thursday nights. However, save that for times other than finals week. Going out and partying, or drinking the night before an exam, even if the exam is later in the day, is not a good strategy for a successful semester.

Yes, Christmas break and freedom is mere days away. But until you put your pen down from your final exam, keep your priorities in mind. If it helps you focus on your goals, create a before-the-end-of-the-semester "to-do list." Crossing things off will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and, before you know it, the semester will be over!

Here's to finishing the semester strong and a good finals week!

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