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Photo by 6Toe Paw Prints/creativecommons.org
Photo by 6Toe Paw Prints/creativecommons.org

How to get noticed on campus

by jmaloni
Wed, Sep 14th 2011 01:05 pm

by Angela Puzzella

Special to NFP

New girl on campus? Or maybe last year you tended to be not so vocal on campus? There is no better time than now to spread your social butterfly wings and get out there.

The following are some tips and tricks to get yourself known on your campus by your professors, peers and maybe some cute boys.

To get noticed by your professors as the shining academic that you know you are, try the following remedies:

  • I know this sounds exactly like what they drill into your heads in class, but participate!
  • Try to stay off your phone. I know it's hard, but if you are paying that much dough, wouldn't you rather actually learn something?
  • Do extra credit assignments! I know, extra work - who wants to do that? But, it definitely comes in handy for those days when your alarm doesn't go off, you have an emergency, or are hung-over and end up missing a pop quiz.

Looking to make friends with those girls on your dorm floor? Trying to be BFF with the girl that sits next to you in your intro to literature class? Read these nuggets of knowledge:

  • Host a movie night in your dorm. Make popcorn, get some snacks and invite girls on your floor in close proximity of your room. Chances are they will be glad to have a study break and it's a great way to know your neighbors.
  • Ask your neighbor to workout with you. You can burn off the "freshman 15" together.
  • Compliment your classmate. Nothing makes someone's day more than receiving an honest compliment.

Lastly, is there a guy that you think is the Bradley Cooper of your campus? Are you trying to figure out the perfect thing to say, but are drawing a blank? Get your flirt on with these tricks:

  • Try to make eye contact and flash a flirty smile. (Don't have so much eye that you end up missing half your notes! That's too much, he will be creeped out.)
  • Try to catch him after class, and rant (or rave) about how class went that day. Guys like girls who aren't afraid to express their opinions.
  • Wake up a few minutes early and put some effort into your outfit. A girl who looks put together is bound to get more attention than one who wears sweats all the time.

Hope this proves useful for you college newbies and also for those of you who are returning and hoping to make a new impression. Make the best out of this semester!

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