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Let's Go Back for Aug. 5, 2011

by jmaloni
Sat, Aug 6th 2011 12:35 am

40 Years Ago, Aug. 4, 1971

River Oaks plan goes to planners

Construction of the $6 million, 250-room Holiday Inn and convention center planned for the River Oaks development could begin this September, if the Grand Island Planning Board approves final plans which were referred to it Monday night during the Town Board meeting. ...

The plans, which the Town Board referred, were submitted by Commonwealth Holiday Inns of Canada, Ltd., which would operate the hotel along East River Road, south of Whitehaven Road.

Holiday Inn's International chain plans a two-level convention center with a hall seating 542 persons, and a five-story hotel with a restaurant, nightclub and private dining facilities. The development would be constructed on a 15-acre site along the Niagara River on the eastern edge of the Island.

30 Years Ago, July 31, 1981

School Board adopts amended budget

The School Board Monday formally adopted an amended contingency budget of $11,582,621, an increase of $10,927 over that agreed upon June 22 ...

The amended amount calls for a tax rate of $102.03, which will rise to $108.46 if four propositions to be voted on Aug. 19 are approved.

The reason for the increased contingency budget was explained as being the result of omitting from the first budget fuel and utilities for adult education and fringe benefits involved in three other programs.

The four propositions are: transportation and field trips; interscholastic athletics; equipment and library books; and use of school facilities by community groups. ...

The increase cost per year to the average taxpayer if all propositions are approved and added to the contingency budget has been estimated at $37.50.

20 Years Ago, Aug. 2, 1991

Firemen answer a dozen calls in one day

When a truck hit a pole on Grand Island Boulevard Thursday afternoon, the accident precipitated four of 12 alarms answered by Island firefighters that day. Downed wires at the scene trapped the driver in the vehicle until rescued with the help of Niagara Mohawk Co. Resultant power failure, however, triggered three more calls for fire company aid, two at plants on Alt Boulevard and one at Fantasy Island.

Lack of power at the theme park caused a roller caster to malfunction, leaving three people stranded at the top of the ride.

A Brighton Fire Company crew and equipment, summoned to the scene by local firemen, rescued the "high-in-the-sky" victims via an aerial ladder.

Other afternoon calls for fire company assistance included requests for paramedic help on Staley Road and Broadway.

10 Years Ago, Aug. 3, 2001

New homes could debut on Island

A local developer has recently reintroduced plans to build 52 upscale homes in a Grand Island subdivision.

Elliott Lasky, president of Forbes Homes, originally submitted plans for the houses to be built in 1997, but then withdrew the plans fearing the threat from the Seneca Nation that they would take property away from Island residents.

If the new plans are approved, the homes would be built on an empty 75-acre plot of land on the eastern side of Stony Point Road, north of Ransom Road. They are expected to sell for approximately $200,000.

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