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Children ages 6-18 participated in the Presti tournament and fundraiser last Saturday. (photo by Kevin and Dawn Cobello, K&D Action Photo)
Children ages 6-18 participated in the Presti tournament and fundraiser last Saturday. (photo by Kevin and Dawn Cobello, K&D Action Photo)
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Kid's-Only Karate Tournament, fundraiser breaks records

by jmaloni
Tue, Apr 12th 2011 04:30 pm

On Saturday, April 2, more than 170 children ages 6-18 from throughout the area competed in the 11th annual Presti Karate Kid's-Only Karate Tournament and Fundraiser, held at Niagara Catholic High School.

It is an event that keeps growing. This year Presti Karate had more than 500 people at the event with parents and family members in attendance. At this year's event every child earned a trophy and the ones who placed earned a ribbon for their trophy.

The recipients of the fundraiser are Kick Start Kids, Child Advocacy of Niagara and Community missions. So far more than $12,850 has been raised, beating out last year, reports John Presti of Presti Karate. "Not only do they benefit, Niagara Catholic sold out of 900 Chiavetta's chicken dinners and their snack bar sold out twice. This was a win-win, win event," he said. "The kids benefited to show off their skills, the recipients benefited from the much needed money raised (about $4,283 each) and Niagara Catholic from the profits of the food sold."

Tournament winners included:

•First place in Sparring: Justin Sczepczenski, Michael Orsi, Joshua Pittman, Thomas Blakelock, Britini D'Angelo, Tim Huether, Jaspreet Kaur, Amanda Mrzygut, Lauren Reynolds, Parker Lewis, Albert Lewis Jr. Ryan Bower, Moira Conti, Marquis Dolson, Connor Fitzsimmons, Brandon Payne, Asher Snell, Mitchell Bliss, Kira Zappy, Joseph Beatty, Noah Fadel, Robert Hachee, Sean Heffley, Sophia Heffley, Grace Vogel, Greg Bullock, Philip D'Angelo, Quinn Patton, Laura Bristol and Brandon Davis.

•First place in Kata: Latif Saffat, Alison Messina, Noah Fedal, Connor Green, Luciano Licastro, Aaron Kifer, John Janesko, Brett Sitzman, Matthew Howes, Madasyn Weld, Sean Heffley, Jacob Payne, Carly Presti, Jordan D'Angelo, Laura Bristol, Daniel Josey, Dominic Townsend, Brandon Davis, Justin Sczepczenski, Cheryl Moehrle, Rory McGuire, Josh Pittman, Britini D'Angelo, Tim Huether, Grace Breen, Amanda Mrzygut, James Kramp, Ryan Bower, Adrian Adamus, Robert Blakelock, Marquis Dolson, Mitchell Bliss, Greg Sledziewski, Joseph Beatty, Olivia Zappy, Skylar Storey, Greg Bullock and Charles LaMar.

•First place in Weapons Kata: Carly Presti, Adrian Adamus, Greg Bullock, Justin Gill, Trey Lohnas and Raquel Feliz.

•Second place in Sparring: Greg Sledziewski, Nathan Howard, Ramone Crockett, Kaleb Ryan, Trinity Jackson, Angela Colato, Cloe Tonellato, Nathan Carducci, Tyler Copeland, Gabriel Behrens, Robert Blakelock, Aidan Marinello, Natalie Carroll, Samuel Fasciano, Nick Tobey, Kayla Townsend, Tony Leonard, Stephen Hannold, Tyler Brooks, Matthew Howes, Jordan Robert Smith, Veronica Tangle, Jordon Mae Brooks, Scott Reese, Tiffany Mitchell, John Janesko, Elena Feliz and Joseph Gizzarelli.

•Second place in Katas: Wade Griffin, Amber Fleishman, Joseph Gizzarelli, Scott Reese, Zachary Tamul, Santino Mittiga, Trinity Jackson, Cloe Tonellato, Christiano Casilio, Gabriel Behrens, Paul DeMartino, Chris Drake, Stephen Palmeri, Hannah Dompkowski, Ariel Mrzygut, Kayla Townsend, Cameron Smith, Dominic DeGeorge, Sophia Heffley, Grace Vogel, Jordan D'Angelo, Cooper Tychulski, Joseph Roscetti, Andrew Fortin, Michael Schipani, Stephen Hannold, Liam Donovan, Miquel Ortiz, Harrison Mozell, Connor Fitzsimmons, Asher Snell, Scott Reese, Philip D'Angelo, Tyler Copeland, Samuel Fasciano and Laura Bristol.

•Second place in Weapons: Dominc DeGeorge, Sophia Heffley, Jacob Payne, Grace Vogel and Philip D'Angelo.

•Third place in Sparring: Kyle Holland, Aaron Kiffer, Shannon Myers, Brett Sitzman, Nick Zaker, Madasyn Weld, Dominci DeGeorge, Justin Gill, Joseph Roscetti, Rory McGuire, Ariel Mrzygut, Mari Salada, Andrea Mitchell, Amber Fleishman, Nick Gambino, John Del Zoppo. Stephen Palmeri, Luke Donner, Carl Ealy, Zachary Tamul, Mason Crans, Alison Messina, Cole Accetta, Conner Green, Skylar Storey, Gabrielle Carter and Wade Griffin.

Third place in Kata: Daniel Leonard, Michael Giannini, Jaden Godwin, Nick Zaker, Ciara Roscetti, Cooper Tychulski, Robert Woods, Josh Pittman, Aiden Marinello, Thomas Blakelock, Leo Munoz, Molly Marshall, Ariel Mrzygut, Parker Lewis, Angela Colato, Mari Salada, Nick Gambino, John Del Zoppo, Carly Ealy, Nathan Howard, Josiphine Conti, Romone Crockett, Isabella Finklea, Luciano Licastro, Lucas Kilmer, Kyle Loughrey, Jace Mitchell and Daniel Leonard

•Third place in Weapons: Celeb Duffy, Jordan D'Angelo, Elena Feliz and Josiphine Conti.

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