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Bourdain pushes the limits for seventh season of award-winning 'No Reservations' on Travel Channel

by jmaloni
Tue, Feb 15th 2011 06:00 pm

Renowned executive chef, accomplished author, and popular TV personality Anthony Bourdain is back to give viewers his sharp commentary on the world.

On Monday, Feb. 28, at 9 p.m., the Emmy-winning "No Reservations" returns to Travel Channel for its seventh season. For the first time, viewers will see Bourdain push his limits. Committed to a new journey, Bourdain visits off-the-grid locations that challenge him with a better understanding of human existence and the underlying stories behind a locale's traditional cuisine.

In the new season, Bourdain pushes the envelope visiting locations that have been overwhelmed by natural disasters and political unrest - such as Haiti, Nicaragua and Cambodia. With access to areas most people will never see, Bourdain experiences the extreme circumstances forced upon cultures and communities on the fringe.

Additionally this season, Bourdain visits the non-tourist exposes in areas such as Vienna and the Ozarks, developing a heightened awareness for the local culture, characters and cuisine that define the region.

In the premiere episode on Feb. 28, Bourdain visits Haiti, which, despite its beautiful topography and colorful culture, still displays the devastation that rocked this Caribbean nation just over one year ago. In this episode, Bourdain meets with actor and humanitarian Sean Penn, who is in Haiti supporting local relief efforts.

Additionally this season, Bourdain travels to Cambodia and identifies a parallel between Cambodia's development and his own maturation, seeking to reconnect with this historically rich country during his second visit. While meeting with Cambodian politician Mu Sochua, they enjoy local signature dishes and discuss Mu's hopes for Cambodia's future.

Bourdain also heads to Nicaragua, another country whose history is filled with oppression, political turmoil and poverty. While there, Bourdain travels to the city dump where hundreds of destitute families pick garbage for a living. This hits Bourdain close to home as he questions his own position as a person who is paid to eat well and travel.

Never departing from his brutal candidness and unique summations, viewers will live vicariously through Bourdain, wishing they had the knack for "calling it as he sees it" through sometimes confounding situations. This season, Bourdain truly tests his limits as he takes personal risks and sheds light into and often uncovers beauty in the dark corners of humanity - and viewers will witness his renewed sense of purpose through his journey.

Viewers can log on to http://www.travelchannel.com/TV_Shows/Anthony_Bourdain to learn more about the series and to access Bourdain's biography, episode guides, image slideshows, blog and video clips.

Viewers can follow the show on Twitter, http://twitter.com/noreservations and http://twitter.com/anthonybourdain; become a fan on Facebook, http://facebook.com/anthonybourdainnoreservations; or subscribe to http://blog.travelchannel.com/anthony-bourdain/.

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