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Lewiston Public Library Interim Director Jill Palermo.
Lewiston Public Library Interim Director Jill Palermo.
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Left of Center: Just like in the movies

by jmaloni
Sat, Nov 6th 2010 05:00 pm
Working in the newspaper industry provides ample reading opportunities for Left of Center each and every week. Admittedly, then, yours truly doesn't frequent the Lewiston Public Library. 

That may soon change, however.

Thanks to a $150,000 community capital assistance program grant from State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte, the library was given the opportunity to make some much-needed renovations. Phase two of the project took place this past week, which is why the building was closed.

Left of Center is especially thrilled about an all-new set of couches and chairs, which make a perfect landing spot to sit and watch the library's impressive collection of TV on DVD. Or read the Sentinel, for that matter.

Interim Director Jill Palermo, on the other hand, is excited about an array of new features for families and regular patrons. In particular, the meeting room now boasts a projector, speakers and a large, drop-down screen. She hopes this will lead to an improved movie night.

"It makes it a much more exciting experience," Palermo said, adding her goal is to offer more family movie and classic film nights.

Guest speakers can also use the meeting room equipment to offer more visually appealing lectures and presentations (think PowerPoint instead of paper handouts).

Additional changes at the library include new checkout countertops, eight new doors and a new book drop. As of press time, all work was expected to finish ahead of Monday's reopening.

Phase one of the renovation process, which occurred earlier this year, included new carpeting, a skylight and "green" window screens.

"It's nice to upgrade things, because the building is 20 years old," Palermo said.

The Lewiston Public Library is located at 305 S. Eighth St.

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