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'Fringe': Leonard Nimoy dishes on season finale

by jmaloni

The mysterious William Bell returns to "Fringe" in part two of the season finale (Thursday, 9 p.m., Fox). Nimoy to retire after story arc concludes.

Wed, May 19th 2010 02:15 pm

by Joshua Maloni

Leonard Nimoy promises answers are coming in the "Fringe" season two finale. The actor behind the alternate universe's enigmatic scientist William Bell says his character's motives will finally be explained.

"I think all of those questions will be answered ... in the final episode," he said in a phone interview.

"We are still not quite clear, as of last (week), about what his intentions are. He keeps telling Olivia that she should trust him. Maybe she has to. I don't know if she has any choice really, but there will be very strong involvement with Olivia and with Peter and particularly with Walter, which will, I think, answer the questions that you're asking. Those are the questions that everybody's asking. ‘So, what's it all about with William Bell?' We'll find out."

In part one of the season finale, FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) crossed over into the alternate universe in an attempt to rescue Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) from their doppelgangers. In a prophecy revealed to Walter, his son brings about the end of the world.

Olivia and Walter seek answers from William, who previously crossed over and maintains a high level position in the other realm.

Viewers should expect "Very strong scenes between Walter and William," Nimoy said. "I would say that's at the heart of the episode."

The actor said his character's involvement in "Fringe" would come to a head with this episode.

"I don't expect to be on next season," he said. I have announced my retirement. I will not be doing anymore television or movie acting or directing. I can tell you that I feel very fulfilled with the work that was given to me to do in this final episode. ... I admire all of the people on this show: Anna Torv, Josh Jackson, and John Noble, and all the rest. I had some wonderful scenes to play with John Noble, who I think is a wonderful actor. I'm excited. I'm looking forward to seeing it edited. I have not seen the edited version, but the work that we did on the soundstage and on the streets of Vancouver felt really creative and productive. I'm happy that I did it."

Nimoy, 79, had recently announced his retirement. Famous for his role as Spock in the "Star Trek" universe, Nimoy made his on-screen debut in 1950 with the Saturday afternoon serial "Zombies of the Stratosphere."

"It's been exciting to me to work on soundstages and on locations all around the world," Nimoy said. "I've worked with some great, great talents. I worked with a number of Academy Award winners and a number of Emmy winners, with wonderful, talented people. The ‘Star Trek' character, Mr. Spock, has been a blessing to me because I find it a very dignified and a positive character and a great role model for a lot of people. I am one very, very grateful guy. Ever since ‘Star Trek' (was) put on the air (in) 1966, I have never even had to consider myself with whether or not I would work again. There was always work available to me. So, it's all about gratitude for me these days."

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