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'De-Sign' group continues campaign against clutter

Fri, Feb 26th 2021 08:15 am

You’ve heard the saying, "A death by a thousand cuts." One cut hurts, but the cumulative effect of being cut hundreds of times will eventually kill you.

That’s what’s happening in the Village of Lewiston as local officials contemplate adding even more signs that are detracting from our local historic culture and character.

Recent comments indicate that Cayuga Street will become a designated bike path, and new signs will be added to help bicyclists find their way to Center Street, just one short block away. At a time when residents are begging local officials to clean up the sign clutter, adding more signs is the exact opposite of what this community wants and needs.

We respectfully ask our local officials to consider:

1) 75% of local residents support the idea that, if one sign goes up, another comes down. The idea is to encourage officials to make priorities and determine what signs are actually necessary. If the village puts up directional signs for bicyclists, what signs are coming down?

2) If bicyclists on Cayuga Street want to find their way to Center Street, we think there’s a good chance they will get there without the help of more signs. Regardless of where the bike path is placed, bicyclists are legally entitled to bike down any street, and go wherever they want. Besides, when was the last time anyone has seen a lost bicyclist asking for directions?

3) We love bicyclists and are bicyclists ourselves, but these grandiose plans are being advanced by state bureaucrats who don’t live here and who have little understanding on the local impact.

4) If bicyclists really need help, paint the street pavement and/or put directional information on digital maps or biking apps.

Please don’t kill Lewiston with a thousand cuts – or in this case, signs. Our history, our beauty and our character are what makes us unique and the centerpiece of Western New York culture. We need aggressive leadership that we will enthusiastically support and assist to reduce the number and size of the public signs that are plaguing our community.

We remain vigilant and will continue our campaign – one sign at a time, if necessary – to protect Lewiston from the ravages of sign clutter. Countless towns across the nation have been successful at cleaning up their communities. If they can do it, we can too!

The Volunteer Lewiston De-Sign Committee

Tasia Fitzpatrick

Ken Slaugenhoupt

Tim Henderson

Loretta A. Frankovitch

Bruce Sutherland

Sandy Blackwell Yates

Susan Geissler

Eva Nicklas

Susan Hofert

Lee Simonson

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