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Porter releases 2018 budget numbers

Sat, Nov 18th 2017 07:00 am
Staff Reports
Following weeks of number-crunching, the Town of Porter has released a preliminary plan for its 2018 budget.
Totaling $4,945,510, the 2018 plan marks a slight decline in spending from the town's adopted $5.138 million budget for 2017. And it brings an increase of a little over 5 cents in the tax levy to $1.9678 per $1,000, up from $1.910 per $1,000 for last year.
By the numbers, the 2018 budget reveals the following: general fund A - $1,248,035 in appropriations, with $767,519 to be raised by taxes; general fund B - $1,221,915 in appropriations with $0 raised by taxes; highway DA townwide - $1,678, with $0 raised by taxes; and highway DB-outside village - $1,199,644, with $0 raised by taxes.
Water and sewer appropriation numbers are $365,456 and $383,880, respectively, with, again, $0 raised by taxes.
And in other accounts, the following are found, with the equal amount to be raised by taxes: Ransomville light, $10,800; Porter lateral, $6,300; Ransomville fire, $261,078; Youngstown fire, $177,878; lakeshore sewer improvement area, phases one, two and three, $53,021; Mallory/Groveland Road project, $3,700; and Harrison Lane road project, $12,125. Total to be raised by taxes for the above is $1,292,400.
Mary Siegrist, Town of Porter bookkeeper, noted the 2018 plan reflected an average 14 percent increase in health insurance costs to the town, and also a steep decline in CWM gross receipts monies paid to the town under its community host agreement.
Not included is an anticipated water rate increase (amount not revealed) that is being passed on to all communities serviced by the Niagara County Water District for users.
The Town Board is expected to finalize and adopt its 2018 budget in coming days, en route to the town's anticipated filing with the state comptroller's office by Nov. 20.

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