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Pints for Progress No. 20 at Hard Rock

Sat, Jan 21st 2017 07:00 am

By Terry Duffy


Time for another pint.

#LiveNF and Niagara Falls Community Development invite readers to partake in NF Pints for Progress No. 20, taking place at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16, at Hard Rock Cafe, Niagara Falls USA, 333 Prospect St., Niagara Falls.

Going on four years running, Pints has blossomed into an idea sharing/social experience for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Residents are invited to enjoy some food, drink, listen to local acts, learn of the current and future goings on in Niagara Falls, and participate in ideas to make the Cataract City a better place.

Held at venues all over the city, attendees are asked to contribute $5 on their first visit, and then $10 on subsequent visits. The program includes presentations of all kinds - youth athletic programs to art, Falls history to community improvements to tourist promotions - all provided by concerned citizens, local political and business officials, and spokespersons of Niagara Falls-area organizations. Their purpose is universal: Improving the quality of life, one step at a time in the city.

"We're just trying to improve Niagara Falls," said #LiveNF organizer Phil Moore. "There's projects that have a wide variety of demographics, age, location or a private business. Anything makes a difference, and that's why we're here.

"We love Pints!"

And since its May 2013 launch, Pints has, indeed, made some progress in improving life in the Cataract City. Close to $10,000 in donated monies have been provided to aspiring individuals and groups on the winning projects. And the fruits of Pints can be found all over.

A sampling of the Pint's past success stories include:

√ $525 awarded in September 2013 to the Old Stone Chimney project. Now relocated to a riverside location in Niagara Falls State Park as part of the reconstruction project of the Niagara Scenic Parkway, funding went toward the incorporation of the "Niagara Portage Old Guard," historical research plus brochures promoting the site.

√ $760 awarded in June 2014 to the Nikola Tesla at Niagara Museum. Funding went primarily toward creating and registering the museum entity as a not-for-profit organization recognizing the works of electrical pioneer Tesla, who was instrumental in creating the world's first hydroelectrical station in the Falls in 1897. For more information, visit www.teslaniagara.org.

√ $740 awarded in August 2015 to the LaSalle Vineyard. Located at 70th Street and Buffalo Avenue in LaSalle, funding went toward the creation of gardens and farming opportunities for neighboring residents to grow food and enjoy a community space.

√ $830 awarded in April 2016 to Inspire Boxing, located on Pine Avenue. Geared toward assisting the challenges facing Falls youth through participation in the sport of boxing, funds raised through the Pints event went toward the purchase of new equipment, a visit to the Boxing Hall of Fame and a new gym.

√ $625 awarded in June 2016 to Footprints on the Future, a young parent support group with its focus on furthering educational, employment and social opportunities for challenged Falls youth.

Visitors will have the opportunity to be part of Pints' chapter No. 20 next month at the Hard Rock. Entertainment that evening is expected to feature the Moxy Cleveland Cabaret.

"For NF Pints for Progress No. 20, we are thankful to be hosted by The Hard Rock Cafe! Let's keep the Valentine's vibes going and share the love to a new community project," Moore said.

Visit Pints for Progress on Facebook.

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