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NT residents seek repair of potholes on city roads

Fri, May 6th 2016 03:55 pm

By Mike Pidanick


The potholes around North Tonawanda have long been a major nuisance in the community. Some city residents spoke up on that issue during Tuesday's Common Council meeting at City Hall.

City officials reiterated they have heard the complaints and assured residents that repairing the potholes is a major priority.

"The roads are all our No. 1 concern," City of North Tonawanda Mayor Arthur G. Pappas said. "It's my main concern. There's no question that our roads and streets need work. We're working on ways to try to improve the situation with limited funds."

City officials and residents have compiled lists of the worst roads as far as potholes. Sun Valley Drive resident Ann Finkle took the time to speak in the topic before the Common Council Tuesday.

"I do understand that the streets are being worked on and there is only so much each year to spend on streets," she said. "However, this is not a new issue. The real problem is the condition of the road under the blacktop; I get that. In the meantime, before the street can be properly repaired, we need a patch that can be effective for more than a week or two. Please, no more Scotch tape repairs when you need duct tape."

Eric M. Zadzilka, the 3rd Ward alderman, said research is being done and lists are being reviewed to determine the best places to start with the much-needed repairs.

"We are prioritizing the roads based on worst roads first, complaints and traffic roads," he said. "We've considered this. We are making sure that your comments are addressed and that we do get proper pothole filling as well (as focus on) the streets that have the most need - not because someone lives there that we know, but because they're in the worst shape."

There was other business to tend to on Tuesday's agenda. The board unanimously approved the Water Department's proposal to abolish the wastewater electronic position and add a water and wastewater treatment plant mechanic.

"Cost savings in and of itself will suffice, but also that is especially a need for them," Alderman-at-Large Robert Peccoraro said.

The board unanimously approved background checks for new city employees, the appointment of Michelle Day as a commissioner of deeds, as well as the reappointment of William Patton as commissioner of deeds.

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