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`Beams` by Suzanne Todaro.
"Beams" by Suzanne Todaro.

49th annual Lewiston Art Festival Winners

by jmaloni


Sun, Aug 9th 2015 09:45 am

The Lewiston Council on the Arts has announced the winners of this year's Lewiston Art Festival.

** = College Alley Student

1. Best Of Show

  • Carol Maltby, "The Straw Hat," colored pencil

Carol Maltby (Photos by Wayne Peters) 

Carol Maltby (Photos by Wayne Peters)

2. Painting: Oil & Acrylic

  • First place: Candie Pack, "Fire Vs. Water," acrylic
  • Second place: Fritz Proctor, "December 27th 1983," oil
  • Third place: Samuel Whitehead, "Catch oil"
  • Honorable mention: Thomas Paul Asklar, "Trampled Underfoot," acrylic

3. Painting: Watercolor

  • First place: Kathleen Giles, "Chocolate Martini"
  • Second place: Kathleen Dworak, "Reflections in Blue"
  • Third place: Martha Kutas, "Spanish Dancer"
  • Honorable Mention: Kathleen Giles, "Crab Apple World"

Kathleen Giles 

Kathleen Giles

4. Photography

  • First place: Adam Swift, "Limelight"
  • Second place: Bill Dirienzo, "Sidewalk Banana Tree"
  • Third place: Dewey Fladd, "No Title"
  • Honorable mention: Bill Dziejman, "Dutch Box"

5. Graphic Arts & Drawing

  • First place: Lynne and Richie Bittner, "Butter Cups," illustration
  • Second place: Michael Smith, "Laundry Day," pen/ink digital color
  • Third place: Amanda Polanski, "Lily," color pencil
  • Honorable mention: Kelsey Merkle,** "A Boys Imagination," digital painting

6. Sculpture

  • First place: Colleen Williams, "Cherry Blossums," porcelain
  • Second place: Fred Janik, "Bud Vase," Wood
  • Third place: Marshall Cancilla,** "The Giant Will Fall," cast iron
  • Honorable mention: Curtis Jenney, "Small Leaf Shaped Waterfall," clay

7. Mixed Media

  • First place: Joel Zaretski, "Synco Pation," metal
  • Second place: Mackensie Binghan, "Grampa," clay/resin/acrylic
  • Third place: Kelsey Merkle,** "Rain Dance," mixed media
  • Honorable mention: Suzanne Mair, "All Mankind is one volume," paper

8. Artistic craft: Jewelry

  • First place: Bonnie Heddon, "Talisman," sterling silver
  • Second place: David Villone, "Moonlit River," polymer and silver
  • Third place: Patricia Cancilla, "Fossil," necklace
  • Honorable mention: Dale Bosworth, "Pearl Gather," sterling Plexiglas

9. Artistic Craft: other (glass, wood, fiber ceramic, etc.)

  • First place: Thomas Hooper, "The Heard," clay
  • Second place: William Shearrow, "Naked Raku Vase," porcelain
  • Third place: Bonnie Eastwood, "Rustic Industrial," mixed media/gourd
  • Honorable mention: JoAnn Vanderheite, "Belly Dancer," gourd/mixed media

10. Best Booth Display

  • Cesar Clavijo, No. 771

KeyBank Chalk Walk Competition

•First Place and People's Choice Award: Grand Island High School

  • Students: Alexis Hy, Lovepreet Kaur, Kelsey Mahoney
  • Instructor: Megan Gaiek

•Second Place: Lewiston-Porter Team No. 2

  • Students: Kristina Rogers, Taylor Aversa, Brenna Donovan; alternate: Brittany Heffler
  • Instructor: Cynthia Sanchez

•Third Place: Lewiston-Porter Team No. 1

  • Students: Olivia Slahta, Lindsey Gee, Olivia Carney; alternate: Maddie Haenie
  • Instructor: Cynthia Sanchez

•President's Choice: Mount St. Mary's Academy

  • Students: Susan Dobrasz, Kristen Armstrong, Rebecca Dobrasz; alternate: Meredith Lance
  • Instructor: Lisa Baco

Grand Island High School 

Grand Island High School


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