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McCollum honored as Youngstown Citizen of the Year


Sat, Apr 11th 2015 09:00 am

Marjorie McCollum enjoys being part of village

By Jennifer Pauly

Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce President

Marjorie McCollum has been chosen by Village of Youngstown Mayor Raleigh Reynolds and trustees as the 2015 Village of Youngstown Citizen of the Year. McCollum has helped make Youngstown a beautiful place, volunteering her talents to enhance the quality of life for village residents and visitors.

The Village of Youngstown has been home to McCollum for more than 27 years. She grew up and raised her family on Dickersonville Road in Ransomville. When it was the right time in her life to make the decision to move, she wanted to enjoy village life and moved to Youngstown.

McCollum has been a member of the Youngstown Garden Club for the past 15 years. Gardening has been something she has done her entire life. McCollum was a member of the Ransomville Garden Club in the 1970s through the '80s. She has served in several different officer positions within the club, such as co-president and as treasurer. Some of the projects she has been involved with include maintaining the civic flowerbeds at Falkner Park, at the Village Center and around the gazebo.

The next major event in the village is the "Civic Bed Cleanup" May 15-16. The Youngstown Garden Club also decorates Old Fort Niagara's French Castle every year with fresh greens for the holidays. One can often find McCollum weeding the civic beds in her spare time.

Past experiences such as serving the Town of Porter's assessor for 20 years as well as tax collector for the town for 11 years led McCollum to volunteer as part of the Youngstown Zoning Board of Appeals.

She was the first female assessor in Niagara County in 1980. Today, there are more female than male assessors in Niagara County. McCollum has been on the board for 15 years and served as chairwoman for the past three. She also serves on the committee to update the Lower Waterfront Revitalization Project, which serves as the comprehensive long-term plan for the village.

McCollum is a volunteer at the Youngstown Library, assisting at the front desk two evenings per month. She has served on the library board of trustees and also on the Friends of the Library board. McCollum enjoys spending time and assisting at the annual book sale.

In her spare time, McCollum enjoys gardening. Most of her extra time is devoted to gardening, having taken over the front and back garden at her apartment building. Much of her life evolves around what is happening with the growth of the garden.

McCollum also enjoys reading, taking walks through the village, and browsing for great bargains at yard and estate sales. She enjoys traveling to Seattle twice a year to visit her sons, Kevin and Craig, and granddaughter, Clara.

The Village of Youngstown is a friendly community and one McCollum takes great pride living in. Its residents are cooperative and look out for one another, which McCollum appreciates; it makes her weekly walks all the more enjoyable.

The Niagara River Region Chamber of Commerce, Reynolds and the Village of Youngstown trustees are proud to honor McCollum as the 2015 Village of Youngstown Citizen of the Year.

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