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Town of Porter zoning law issue brought to board's attention

Sat, Jan 17th 2015 07:00 am

by Allison Deutschman

If a commercialized business was operating near your home, in an area that doesn't allow that, how would you handle it?

The public commentary portion of the Town of Porter's Jan. 12 board meeting was dedicated to this topic, informing all those in attendance of the process.

Zoning law has been a popular topic at recent local board meetings.

William Dean, a resident of the Town of Porter, approached the board about an alleged violation of local zoning laws near his house on Lake Road.

"A commercial business is being conducted in an area that is zoned residential agricultural," Dean said. "I want to make sure it is halted, but I'm not exactly sure about the process of getting there."

Building Inspector Roy Rogers sent a letter last spring on behalf of another Lake Road resident to the property owner, but, according to Dean, the problem has escalated since then, with power-washing, sandblasting and reconstructing commercial vehicles disturbing nearby residents.

"I don't want to fall victim to the same experience that occurred earlier last year and the issue gets forgotten and more out of control as time goes on," Dean said.

Dean will be meeting with Assistant Supervisor/Bookkeeper Norm Ault, per the recommendation of the town attorney, to further discuss the matter if nothing changes.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Councilman Thomas Baia addressed the many students from Lewiston-Porter High School in attendance at the meeting and referred back to the zoning issue.

"You heard a gentleman stand up tonight with a problem he had, and that will be resolved, because we listened to him and we try to do what's right for the whole Town of Porter," Baia said.

Other topics of discussion at the Town of Porter board meeting included:

•The appointment of John Bis to the Planning Board, resulting in all of the board positions being filled.

•After serving for 11 years as deputy supervisor, Baia is stepping down and Councilman Larry White is filling the position per the recommendation of Supervisor Mert Wiepert.

•The board approved sending a representative of the highway department to attend a conference in Albany to learn more about $5 million available in grant money.

•There will be a public hearing at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 9, at Town Hall, 3265 Creek Road. Discussion will include sewer rates and Highway Department equipment purchases.

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