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National Grid reminds customers to verify identity of anyone asking for details about their energy bill


Fri, Apr 5th 2024 03:35 pm

National Grid never engages in door-to-door sales practices

National Grid Press Release

National Grid reminds customers to safeguard their personal information and verify the identity of anyone who visits or calls their home to discuss their energy bills. While it’s possible that the individual at your door may be a licensed energy services company representative, there is a chance it could be someone looking to steal your personal information.

In 1996, New York state deregulated its energy markets, allowing utility customers to purchase their electricity and natural gas supply from alternative suppliers. The New York State Department of Public Service maintains a list of authorized energy service companies, also known as ESCOs, operating by region. There are more than 150 ESCOs licensed to operate in New York.

National Grid never engages in door-to-door solicitation, and ESCO employees are not affiliated with us. If your home is visited by someone claiming to be from an ESCO, National Grid or another energy company:

√ Verify their name and company by asking to see their identification. Employees of National Grid and ESCOs wear visible photo identification cards with a visible logo.

√ Do not confuse ESCO employees with National Grid employees. ESCO employees do not work for National Grid and cannot claim to work for us or any other utility.

√ Do not provide your utility account number or a copy of your utility bill to an ESCO representative unless you are interested in their services and are ready to receive an offer.

√ Do not sign any document until you review its terms, including the length of the agreement, explanation of how rates are calculated, how you can contact their customer service, how you will be billed, and conditions of terminating the agreement.

National Grid will not ask for customer account numbers when visiting a home or contacting you by phone. If you have reason to doubt the person at your home is a National Grid employee, ask for their name, request that they wait outside, and call National Grid to verify their identity at 800-642-4272.

If you have reason to believe you are in danger or your safety has been compromised from any door-to-door solicitor, lock your doors and call 911.

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