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Metro Creative Graphics

Garage sales produce interesting items

Mon, Oct 2nd 2023 11:30 am

By Shiela R. Hunt

Special to Niagara Frontier Publications

During the spring and summer months, when the weather is nice, the married men and women team up to have garage sales. They set up their garage with stuff they don’t want. They have a little of everything for men, women and children of each age group. Garage sales are great places for the whole family to shop.

In Niagara Falls, when the customer approaches the garage sale, sometimes they are greeted by people and sometimes they are not greeted by people. the important thing is they have the pleasure of meeting and communicating with each other. The married couples mark every item to a low price. You can find, furniture, toys, music, artwork and gadgets.

The first illustration is a piece of artwork. Its location was DeVeaux. The artwork included three wooden vases, which had mini triangles drawn on them. The metal attached to the wood represented leaves and branches. However, the wooden table that the artwork sat on was a piece of fine furniture.

The second illustration is a Fisher Price toy. Its location was in Lasalle. The plastic track circled its way to the bottom of the castle where the boys and girls owned a grocery shop. They played happily together.

The third illustration is artwork. Its location was Pine Avenue. The colorful rabbits were spotted in a flower garden. This picture was made of velvet, which symbolized goodness for the neighborhood.

The fourth illustration was a Christmas CD, which played Christmas music during the Christmas holiday. Its location was Niagara. The songs made a wonderful Christmas for many families. In the album “Yalla Dance Two,” it was made for everybody to hear. Its location was DeVeaux.

The fifth gadget is a space device. Its location was LaSalle. This dark, green light reflected on the wall at night. Each star on the wall represented the stars in the sky.

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