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Outfits for baby care: 30 kits total. (Submitted photo)
Outfits for baby care: 30 kits total. (Submitted photo)

A little church trying to make a big difference


Mon, Mar 27th 2023 11:45 am

Submitted by Kim Mansfield

Secretary St. Pauls' Church Council

Recently, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Wilson presented local shut-ins, past church members who are no longer able to attend Mass, and low-income individuals, with a little good will and a sure sign of spring. Over 50 people were presented with hand-crocheted baskets, each containing blooming crocuses, along with chocolates donated by Park Side in Buffalo.

Baskets of crocuses made by St. Paul’s were given out to Country Estates Autumn View Drive in Wilson.

This is just one of many outreach projects the church participates in.

•Monday evenings are meeting nights for the Knit Wits, where everything is created – from hats and mittens, to baby sweaters for baby care kits, to sewing diapers made out of gently used T-shirts.

•Wednesday mornings finds the quilting group making patchwork quilts for the Lutheran World Relief. These quilts are shipped all over the world to help bring warmth, and are even used as tents for shade from the hot sun.

There are so many misplaced people in the world today, that there is a pronounced need for any and all humanitarian aid.

•The next outreach program is a kid’s Easter egg hunt and a kid’s bingo on Saturday, April 1, from 10-11 a.m. For more information, visit www.stpaulslutheranwilsonny.com.

Crocheted baskets, each containing blooming crocuses, along with chocolates. (Submitted photo)

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