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When seniors plan trips, they have many ways to get around in style. (Metro Creative Graphics)
When seniors plan trips, they have many ways to get around in style. (Metro Creative Graphics)

Travel opportunities for retirees

Mon, Feb 27th 2023 08:55 am

Metro Creative Graphics

Retirement provides individuals with ample time to engage in activities they enjoy. Many seniors spend that newfound free time relaxing and seeing the sights.

Seniors are a travel-friendly demographic. The World Tourism Organization says that, in 1999, more than 593 million international travelers were age 60 years and older. Seniors are projected to take 2 billion trips annually by 2050. As Baby Boomers and Generation Xers continue to retire, a larger portion of the overall population will have time to travel.

When seniors plan trips, they have many ways to get around in style.


Cruising can be an ideal way for older adults to travel. Cruise ships depart from ports across the world and travelers can choose from an array of itineraries. People can travel on cruises that are at sea for as few as three to five days to others that are out for weeks at a time.

One reason seniors enjoy cruising is because it’s all-inclusive with little extra planning required. Step aboard a cruise ship and enjoy a floating hotel complete with food, lodging, entertainment, shopping, gambling and much more. Organized excursions at ports of call can add to the thrill of cruising.

Guided Tours

Escorted tours are another option seniors may want to consider. By working with reputable tour operators, seniors can engage in affordable, safe and comfortable tours via bus, train or other modes of travel. Tour companies take the work out of the trips by handling the details and showcasing the best locales. Tour experts know when to schedule meals and sightseeing to avoid the crowds so that everyone can sit back and relax on their adventures.

RV Excursions

Travel by recreational vehicle is a great way for individuals with time on their hands to see the sights up close and personal. When RVing, the time spent traveling is the adventure, and the destination is simply the cherry on top.

The RV industry exploded during the pandemic because it provided a safe way to enjoy a vacation and get away from home. MARVAC Michigan RV & Campgrounds says currently more than 9 million households own an RV in the United States. There’s no age limit to buying an RV, although the RV Industry Association says the average owner is 48-years-old and married.

RV-friendly campsites and parks enable travelers to mingle with each other, providing affordable and fun ways to travel.


Seniors who got in on the timeshare bandwagon early in life can choose to enjoy their travel years even further. The timeshare model enables buyers to purchase the right to use particular homes, condos, hotel rooms, resorts or other accommodations for specific periods of time. For example, some timeshare agreements are for one week each year in a designated location. Seniors with more time on their hands may want to revisit timeshare agreements to increase the frequency in which they can use properties or to find timeshare companies that enable swapping properties with others so that different locales can be enjoyed.

Visiting Family

Retirees may aspire to spend more time with family members who do not live nearby. Families may want to consider mother-daughter residences or properties with small guest houses so that seniors can stay in the residences when visiting but have some privacy at the same time.

Seniors have many travel options, and retirement is the ideal time to get out and enjoy time away from home.

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