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ECMC medical rehab unit ranks above Top 20 North American trauma programs in case complexity and outcomes


Mon, Aug 29th 2022 02:10 pm

Erie County Medical Center Corp. officials recently learned the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation ranked ECMC’s medical rehabilitation unit above the Top 20 national trauma programs for case complexity and patient outcomes.

The functional assessment specialists at the Uniform Data System recently issued the “Custom Report for M150.” The “Comparison of ECMC and Peers-Trauma-Related Cases,” Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2021, includes data for 884 medical rehabilitation unit (MRU) facilities in North America. ECMC has cared for the highest percentage of complex trauma patients in its MRU for the eighth consecutive year.

When compared with the top 20 MRU trauma programs in the “Comparison of Facility Characteristics and Outcomes – Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury (TSCI) January-December 2021 ECMC and Peers,” ECMC’s patient mix included 56.7% trauma patients, whereas the next closest facility included only 39.3% trauma cases. Further, for the TBI population, the values for the “Change in Self-Care Obs/Exp Ratio” and the “Change in Mobility Obs/Exp Ratio” indicate that, on average the TBI patients at ECMC exceed the amount of change expected. Any value over 100% on the “Obs/Exp Ratio” measures indicates outcomes are better than expected.

Erie County Medical Center Corp President and CEO Thomas J. Quatroche Jr., Ph.D., said, “The national, third-party data confirms that ECMC’s rehabilitation team continues to deliver exceptional results in the care of complex patients. We are proud of the success of these dedicated caregivers as demonstrated by these results, proof that these patients are cared for by the best in their field.”

Added Mark A. LiVecchi, D.M.D., M.D., M.B.A., chief of service, physical medicine and rehabilitation: “This achievement reflects favorably on ECMC as an organization, along with several disciplines and individuals. Trauma services, emergency services, nursing, therapy and administration have all played integral roles in achieving this accomplishment. This type of consistent achievement only occurs in the presence of true teamwork.”

ECMC’s Center for Rehabilitation Services consists of a team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, speech-language pathologists, and occupational and physical therapists. The center stated, “Rehabilitation services at ECMC are provided at several levels of care to ensure that each patient receives the specific support they require to achieve better outcomes, whether recovery from trauma or improved mobility after a minor injury.

“ECMC’s physical and occupational therapy programs employ a talented staff of therapists who are uniquely qualified to evaluate, consult, educate and provide therapies for individuals with a wide range of physical limitations. Physical therapy at ECMC is tailored to meet individual patient needs, ensuring that patients are as successful as possible in achieving or reclaiming physical function, mobility and independence.”

For more information, visit ecmc.edu or follow on social media: Facebook and Twitter

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