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NYSDOT increasing use of flashing yellow arrows throughout WNY


Tue, Jun 28th 2022 09:45 am

Says yellow arrow phases help signalized intersections operate more efficiently

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez recently announced work will continue in Western New York to upgrade traffic signals with yellow arrow phases to more safely accommodate motorists making left turns at intersections. Traffic signals featuring a flashing yellow arrow phase will be installed at more locations as intersection improvements are made.

NYSDOT stated, “Flashing yellow arrows allow motorists more time to make turns, improving intersection efficiency and saving commuters both time and fuel. There are currently 40 intersections throughout Western New York that are maintained by the Department of Transportation that feature a flashing yellow arrow phase.”

Dominguez said, “Flashing yellow arrows on traffic signals enhance safety and help clear congestion at intersections, reducing the risk of collisions on our roads. As part of our commitment to maintaining safe, navigable roadways, we will continue to closely monitor the traffic patterns in Western New York and across the state, and we will utilize the latest and most effective technologies to guide motorists.”

NYSDOT explained, “Traffic signals with a flashing yellow arrow phase are used at intersections where there is an exclusive right- or left-turn lane with a protected green arrow, which allows motorists to turn while oncoming traffic is stopped. The signal changes from a green arrow to a solid yellow arrow, indicating that a red signal is coming and turning motorists should not enter the intersection. A red arrow is then displayed, allowing traffic from the oncoming direction to begin proceeding through the intersection. After opposing traffic gets the green phase, the turn arrow begins flashing yellow, indicating that turning vehicles must yield to oncoming traffic, but may proceed when there is a safe gap in traffic. The signal then turns returns to a solid yellow arrow and then to a red arrow as traffic on the other road is allowed to proceed through the intersection.

“Pedestrians crossing the road always have the right-of-way over turning vehicles.”

Follow New York State DOT on Twitter: @NYSDOT or on Facebook at facebook.com/NYSDOT.

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