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Tina Coppins
Tina Coppins

Village of Lewiston election: Tina Coppins seeks to make positive change as trustee


Fri, May 20th 2022 11:35 am

My name is Tina Coppins and I am running for Village of Lewiston trustee. I am a long-time resident of the Youngstown/Lewiston area, along with my husband of 30 years, Peter Coppins. We have raised two sons in this amazing community we are fortunate enough to call home. I am dedicated to my family and to this community. It is important for me to see the village maintain its historical integrity through smart growth and development, given the opportunity.

I want to take a moment to share with my fellow residents why I believe my vast array of personal and professional experiences has prepared me for the position of trustee. For the past 22 years, I have worked as a property manager, overseeing a 425,000-square-foot commercial building, which houses anywhere from 25 to 35 tenants, at any given time. I am responsible for managing and overseeing a $3 million budget, and work closely with architects, general contractors, building inspectors and fire inspectors throughout the year. My job duties include managing the budget; obtaining variances for projects; understanding and following building codes set forth by the municipality; and overseeing construction. The experience I have gained over the past 22 years as property manager has prepared me to be a trustee for the Village of Lewiston.

Throughout the years, I have remained an active member and participant of this community. I have volunteered my time with the Kiwanis Club, Lion’s Club and Garden Club, among others. I have assisted the Village of Lewiston Recreation Department with events held throughout the year, including the Spring Fling, movie night in Academy Park, helped build the Marilyn Toohey Park inclusive playground, and worked the fundraising event for this summer’s bicentennial celebration. When elected, I will remain an active member of our community, and will take a hands-on approach. I will engage local organizations, nonprofits, and the business community, to better serve them in addressing the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

“Why run now?” My answer is simple: It’s because of mishandlings by some in the current administration, showing a lack of regard for the rules and regulations set forth in the village codebook. These rules and regulations protect all our residents and small business owners who have fought so hard, throughout the years, to build a quaint, historic, charming place to live, work and play. As trustee, I will unify different members of boards, including Zoning, Planning, and Historic Preservation, all of whom were elected and/or appointed to serve the residents of the Village of Lewiston. When elected, I will act against the “us versus them” mentality, not allowing inconsequential, political games, to get in the way of doing what is best for the village. I want to bring inclusivity and transparency back to local government and end the “backroom deal” mentality, which has carried on for too long here in the Village of Lewiston.

I am about growth, but smart growth. The Village of Lewiston is on the cusp of projects pertaining to Academy Park, the waterfront, and Center Street’s overall streetscape, which could change the overall integrity for the foreseeable future. Decisions that are made now will set a precedent for the future. Once a decision is made, there is no going back.

As a resident of the village, I will uphold its values, while striving to maintain its historical integrity. The village has fallen short on taking action to preserve our history and in applying the codes fairly and equally to all. We need transparency, fairness and inclusivity within our village. As an elected official in the Village of Lewiston, I will serve the community for the betterment of those who live, work and play here.

Vote for change, integrity and dedication. Vote Tina Coppins on June 21, Election Day, for Village of Lewiston trustee. Exercise your right to vote – the time for change is now.

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