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Angela Micale with Amber Croff. (NCCC photo)
Angela Micale with Amber Croff. (NCCC photo)

Security & law enforcement teacher celebrates successful grads


Fri, Feb 25th 2022 12:00 pm

Submitted by Lisa Bielmeier

Public Relations Director, Orleans/Niagara BOCES

Many teachers in the career and technical education programs at Orleans/Niagara BOCES fondly look back at the students who have graced their classrooms and gone on to be success stories.

Security and law enforcement teacher Amber Croff was recently going through some old photos in her Niagara Career and Technical Education Center classroom.

“One picture really caught my eye,” she said. “It was my first class that I had as both juniors and seniors. My two students, Angela Micale and Jayson Parker, were given the New York State Senate’s Youth Leadership Award. State Sen. Robert Ortt stated at the time how impressed he was by their exceptional leadership qualities and determination to make a difference in the future success of the community.”

So where are they now? Angela put herself through the Niagara County Sheriff’s Police Academy after completing college. She now is working part time for Somerset Police and Lewiston Police departments.

Angela had this to say about her inspiring teacher, “Mrs. Croff built the security and law Enforcement program from the bottom up, and that is incredibly amazing. Sitting in her classroom learning and laughing were the best moments ever. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her teaching me to never give up and to follow my dreams. I am so grateful that I had her as a teacher and she will always be a role model to me.”

Jayson is an extremely successful real estate agent from Niagara Falls. You may have seen him on a billboard or signs in our area. He helps people buy and sell property, whether that be first-time homebuyers, people moving out of state, veterans, real estate investors, etc. Jayson does own his own business. He is self-employed under a broker. He brought his first home earlier this year just at the age of 23.

Jayson stated that BOCES helped him a lot in attaining his goals: “It helped me see the world from a different view and also helped shape the way I do business today. The discipline I have now came from BOCES. BOCES helped keep me accountable, not only assignments, but also, I had to be accountable for other classmates, as I was the class leader.”

Croff said she could not be prouder of these two graduates: “I remember thinking to myself back then, ‘I can’t wait to see these two succeed.’ Seeing them now and how much of a difference they truly do make in their communities makes me very proud to have been their teacher. Great job Jayson and Angela!”

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