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Ticket image provided by 19 Ideas
Ticket image provided by 19 Ideas

19 Ideas announces sale of commemorative Buffalo vs. New England football tickets


Sat, Jan 22nd 2022 05:00 pm

Limited-edition tickets can be customized to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes 

√ 10% of total tickets sold will be donated to nonprofit organizations

On Saturday, strategic marketing agency 19 Ideas announced the release of a commemorative Buffalo football ticket to remember the historic, record-breaking Jan. 15 game. Attendees and watchers alike of the Buffalo vs. New England game can now purchase a one-of-a-kind ticket online at Tickets.19ideas.com to serve as a keepsake memento. The site offers the option to customize your ticket for wherever one watched the game – be it at the stadium in Orchard Park, at their favorite backer bar, or in their own living room. Input custom details – including section, row and seat number – and enjoy a physical piece of history to recall the victory.

Tickets retail at $15 each with free shipping for U.S. orders of $30 or more. For those who attended the game in person, a special gold foil buffalo will be stamped on the face.

Tickets for the Buffalo vs. New England game will be sold through Jan. 31. Once the ordering window is closed, the tickets will be printed and directly mailed to customers.

“New technology does not replace the need or desire to have something we can physically see and touch. We used to collect the physical tickets to those special events we wanted to remember. Now that tickets to big events are digital, we are missing those simple keepsakes that we used to hang on to and remember when,” 19 Ideas Chief Technology Officer and former 26 Shirts partner Dan Gigante said. “What we really loved about this concept was not just bringing back physical keepsakes, but also allowing individual personalization to them. Our personal experiences are unique to each of us, none more valuable than the next. Here, we’re offering people the chance to celebrate those memories wherever they may have had them, and not limiting these mementos to only those who experienced the event live.”

As a way of giving back to the nonprofits the agency works with, 19 Ideas has committed to donating 10% of ticket sales across these organizations:

√ Buffalo City Mission

√ Child & Family Services

√ Eight Days of Hope

√ Freedom Network USA

√ Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo

√ Mental Health Advocates of WNY

For information on new ticket releases, email [email protected]

19 Ideas is headquartered in Buffalo. For more information, visit 19ideas.com, or join the conversation on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and Twitter.

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