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Pictured with pictures for Alzheimer's patients are Mayher Cheema, Skylar Elliott and Kiersten Elliott.
Pictured with pictures for Alzheimer's patients are Mayher Cheema, Skylar Elliott and Kiersten Elliott.

What is Builders Club like in 2020-21 at Lewiston-Porter Middle School?

by jmaloni
Sat, Mar 6th 2021 11:25 am

By Jessica Slye-Butz

Builders Club Secretary

Builders Club has worked extremely hard on many projects this year and each has turned out to be a great success.

One project that was my favorite was World Cancer Day. It’s one of my favorites because of how much was put into it and the creativity like wearing the color that represents a certain type of cancer, making posters, and selling ribbons.

We raised $300 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It was the first time we had a fundraiser for St. Jude’s.

Another great project was the giving tree. I had brought the idea up to Mrs. Oddy to have kids donate gently used or new hats, gloves and scarves to donate to Kids Escaping Drugs. We collected so many that we were also able to donate items to the Magdalene Project. This was a huge success!

These two projects were my favorites so far not only because we were raising money for wonderful organizations, but because it brought people together and it let us have fun in a time of a pandemic.

The recycle team for the Lewiston-Porter Middle School has been fantastic this year so far! We’ve had a lot of people volunteer to recycle to help our planet be a cleaner place for humans and animals. Builders Club would like to thank all the people who volunteer each week and all the students that take the time to use the recycle bins around the school.

Keep up the great work!

Recently, Builders Club has had people donate sheets, disinfecting wipes, detergent, paper towels and other items for the SPCA and the Feral Cat Focus. This has been a huge success as well. Builders Club thanks everyone who has donated.

In addition, Builders Club raised $100 for the SPCA to donate along with another $100 from Kiwanis Club of Lewiston. There are also many animals waiting to be adopted. But remember to adopt, don't shop!

The current event Builders Club is working on is Alzheimer's Awareness Week, March 15-19. The idea behind this event is to have posters around the school educating people about what Alzheimer’s is and how it affects people. We are selling pots of candy for $2 each. Students can also paint or color a picture to give to the patients. All the donations go to the Alzheimer’s Association in Buffalo.

Builders Club, this year for me, has been the best and most fun experience. I think if you asked the other kids in Builders Club, they would say the same as well. Not only has it been a really fun experience, it has been an educational one, too.

The best quote that I think fits Builders Club is “Working together, we can do great things!”

Builders Club Vice President Andrea Beltrano with Kiwanis Club of Lewiston President Lee Allan, Pat Proctor of the SPCA, Builders Club Co-President Lucas Ponticelli and Builders Club Co-Adviser Bonnie Rampado.

A giving tree donation to KED with Victoria and Jessica Slye-Butz.

Pictured recycling are Arianna Leach, Mayher Cheema and Henry Lord.

Pictured recycling are Zoe Droegmyer, Victoria Slye-Butz, Jessica Slye-Butz and Emily Droegmyer.

World Cancer Day with Lorali Ward.

World Cancer Day with Matthew Siejak, Lorali Ward and Santino Virtuoso.

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