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Higgins calls for Trump's removal


Thu, Jan 7th 2021 08:40 pm

On Thursday, Congressman Brian Higgins released the following statement regarding outgoing President Donald Trump: 

“We have reached a dangerous point in our democracy. The president’s incendiary words and actions have directly resulted in the domestic terrorist mob scene that caused damage to our Capitol building – an attempt to halt the transition of power. Make no mistake, his actions would be to disrupt the transition to the president-elect.

“Congress and the cabinet need to immediately relieve the president of the responsibilities that he has unfortunately abandoned, either through the invocation of section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution or through Impeachment and removal from office.”

Higgins teams provided “Steps to make that happen”:

√ Vice President Mike Pence and a majority of the core cabinet secretaries would have to submit a written declaration that Trump is unable to discharge the powers of his office.

√ If such a declaration is sent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate President pro tem Chuck Grassley, Trump would lose power and Pence would become acting president.

√ The president could object, submitting a written declaration to Pelosi and Grassley. If that would happen, Pence and the cabinet have four days to reiterate their declaration. If so, Congress has 21 days to consider the matter. Two-thirds of the House and Senate would have to vote that Trump is unable to fulfill his duties.

Trump could also be removed via impeachment, but the House and Senate would have to change existing rules to allow for it to move along quickly.

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