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Life in quarantine: What could you get out of it?

CMS 120A capstone project

Thu, Apr 23rd 2020 07:10 pm

By Hussein Moustafa

Special to Niagara Frontier Publications

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, life has drastically changed throughout the year 2020. Every person has been ordered to stay at home to not spread this virus and prevent any more damage from occurring.

Most people used to think that COVID-19 is no big deal, and carry on with their day. When it started getting worse, everyone came to their senses and started preparing.

People started to wear masks to prevent the spread, stock up on supplies such as toilet paper, meats, bread and drinks, and they would not go out, and limit the days they went grocery shopping.

During the pandemic, people were ordered to stay at home, so people had to stop going to work, except for people with important jobs such as hospital nurses and doctors, grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurant owners, truckers, and state government offices.

Since many people have had to leave their jobs, they are stressing less over work every day and get to relax more at home.

People get to enjoy life at home while still getting paid from the government with different stimulus packages.

As Rolling Stone reported, the best thing that could come out of this quarantine would be the bonding activities that people could do with their families and on personal time. People could catch up with their latest TV shows and movies, binge-watche all their favorite TV shows since there’s nothing else to do around the house. Even read several different books and improve their reading skills.

People could also occupy their time by doing puzzles, or playing different types of board games, as well as cards. This is a decent way to occupy and waste time while waiting for this pandemic to eventually end.

This pandemic brings to light the time that people could spend with their family, strengthening their bonds together and sharing heartfelt moments with each other, learning new things about each other.

There are several new things that people could learn from this time spent at home instead of just wasting this time given to us. People could learn new activities such as writing a novel and improving their creative writing skills, learning how to cook and bake, or even learn new hobbies at home to occupy time.

As USA Today wrote, there are several things that could make your life easier at home due to this quarantine, as well, Shopping online being one of them. People could shop online for food, clothes or even games. Long charging cables could help out for staying on your phone while sitting down and relaxing.

Even earplugs and sleeping masks could make it easier for daytime naps. There are several premade meal kits online that people could order instead of slaving at the stove every day. People could buy smart plugs online to make their houses easier to manage at a remote area or anywhere around the house.

People could even buy a robot vacuum to clear up dust without you having to lift a finger. You can even buy a food processor or an instant pot to minimize meal prep and create gourmet meals with minimal effort.

People could even get exercise in by walking every day for a little to waste time and get into better shape. In this article, you can find information about how Gary Shteyngart goes about his day and what he does during the quarantine.

In this article from Health Line, Ariella, a teacher at a Jewish day school, explains her day and what she does during quarantine. People get to sleep more and wake up later in the day, getting enough rest to perform more activities throughout the day.

I interviewed three different people on their way of life in quarantine and what they do in their free time at home. Here are the results:

Lisa, an MRI tech at Nanticoke Hospital, says, “I work Sunday through Thursday every week tirelessly testing and scanning people that might have the corona and I come back home, open a beer and relax at home, binge-watching my favorite TV shows.”

Dawn says, “I stay at home with my daughter and sister helping out around the house, cleaning and cooking, while taking care of my daughters’ two kids with her.”

Brenda, an elderly grandmother, says, “I visit my children as often as I can to spend as much time as I can with them, helping out around the house, then I go home and watch all my favorite shows and relax.”

There are several good things that could come out of this quarantine and coronavirus pandemic. The best we could hope for is that everything calms down soon and passes quickly so we could all get back to our regular lives.




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