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NYS DOL issues fact sheet on new and streamlined pandemic unemployment assistance application


Tue, Apr 21st 2020 10:50 am

Answers most common questions regarding federal COVID-19 pandemic unemployment assistance program

To view fact sheet, CLICK HERE

The New York State Department of Labor on Monday released a fact sheet outlining how New Yorkers can apply for the COVID-19 pandemic unemployment assistance program and answering the most common questions regarding the federal program. The release of this new resource follows the launch of a new, streamlined unemployment benefits application that will connect New Yorkers with the benefits they deserve faster.

Information in the fact sheet includes:

What is PUA?

Pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA) is a new federal program that is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. PUA provides financial assistance for Americans who are unable to work due to the coronavirus pandemic but do not qualify for traditional unemployment insurance (UI).

Who Should Apply?

One should apply if one is unable to work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and any of the following applies:

  • Self-employed New Yorkers;
  • Independent contractors;
  • New Yorkers who worked for an app-based company (i.e. “gig workers”)
  • Farmers;
  • Those diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have COVD-19 symptoms and are seeking a diagnosis;
  • Those living with a household member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • Those providing care for a family or household member diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • A primary caregiver for a child unable to attend school or another facility due to COVID-19;
  • Those unable to reach their place of employment due to an imposed quarantine or because they have been advised by a medical provider to self-quarantine due to COVID-19;
  • Those scheduled to commence new employment that cannot reach their workplace as a direct result of COVID-19;
  • Those who became a major breadwinner, because the head of their household died from COVID-19;
  • Those who quit their job as a direct result of COVID-19;
  • Those whose place of employment closed as a direct result of COVID-19;
  • Those with insufficient work history and affected by COVID-19; and
  • New Yorkers otherwise not qualified for regular or extended UI benefits and affected by COVID-19.

How Do I Apply?

DOL has launched an updated, streamlined online application that allows New Yorkers to apply for either traditional UI or PUA, depending on their eligibility. One does not have to complete a separate application for PUA.

Best Way to Apply is Online

Visit unemployment.labor.ny.gov.

The application will determine which program – UI or PUA – one should be applying for and then prompt one to answer program-specific questions

DOL will process one’s application and contact one if any additional information is needed

If One Cannot Apply Online, One Can Apply on the Phone

Call 1-888-209-8124

Use the automated phone system to apply

DOL will process one’s application and contact one if any additional information is needed

What if I’ve Already Applied for PUA?

If one has already applied for PUA, one does not need to take any action. If DOL needs additional information, a representative will contact the applicant.

What Will I Receive?

If you qualify for PUA, your benefit rate will be based on your recent earnings. You will also receive an additional $600 per week until July 31, 2020.

What Should I Do if I Submitted an Application But Am Unsure of its Status?

You can check the status of your claim online by logging into your NY.Gov account on the DOL website. If you see it is still pending, no action is required; DOL has added thousands of DOL representatives who are working seven days a week to process each claim as quickly as possible. If you see it has been denied, fill out the PUA application link that is in your account mailbox; if there is no link in your mailbox, fill out a new PUA application.

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