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Gavin Burns with Lewiston first responders.
Gavin Burns with Lewiston first responders.

Mount St. Mary's honors local EMS providers


Wed, May 29th 2019 04:10 pm

More than 160 volunteers from local fire & ambulance companies honored for service

Mount St. Mary’s Hospital held its 16th annual EMS Appreciation and Awards dinner on Wednesday, May 22, at the Niagara Falls Country Club. Representatives and honorees from 17 area volunteer fire companies, the City of Niagara Falls Fire Department, and guests attended.

“This is a special evening where we have the opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to the men and women of our community who provide emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said hospital President and CEO Gary Tucker. “We are so proud to be associated with these outstanding efforts.”

Niagara County Legislator Rebecca Wydysh served as guest speaker.

Service recognition awards were presented to Olcott Fire Co.; Jeremy Klever, EMT, of Mercy EMS; and Leigh Murtha, paramedic; Kristi Pilato, advanced EMT; and Lauren McLendon, EMS, of Mercy EMS.

Best Save Awards went to:

•Successful treatment of 81-year-old women with chest pain/nausea: Ransomville Fire Co. (Steven Hillman, chief; Shawn York, EMT; Melissa Close, EMT; and Thomas O’Keefe, driver); and Mercy EMS (Dyllan Albiani-Gross, paramedic; and Amanda Mrzygut, EMT).

•Treatment of 58-year-old female with brain bleed: Tri Community Ambulance (Lillie Hermanson, EMT/driver; Ken Black, assistant chief/EMT; Kim Knerr, EMT; and Phil Richardson, EMT-CC); and St. Johnsburg Fire Co. (Rich Donner, fire chief/EMT; Mitch Hedlund, EMT/FF; Dave Evans, FF; Bryce Siegmann, FF; and Steve Sonnen, FF).

•Treatment of 34-year-old male pinned under a large tree: Miller Hose Fire Co. (Jason Seib, chief; Christopher Gontko, EMT; and Karley Niezgoda, EMT).

•Successful treatment of 21-year-old female with allergic reaction: Tri Community Ambulance (Philip Richardson, assistant chief/EMT CC; Ben Bahr, AEMT; Timothy Newman, driver; Zach Barlow, EMT; and Brittany Surdam, EMT); and Bergholz Fire Co. (Lt. Mike Manth, EMT; Ellen Doyle, FF; Amber Gansworth, FF; Ralph Mauro, FF; and Matt Grier, FF).

•Treatment of 26-year-old male overdose victim: Tri Community Ambulance (Philip Richardson, assistant chief/EMT CC; Bryan Kieley, EMT; and Angela Onofrio, driver); and Bergholz Fire Co. (Lt. Mike Manth, EMT; EMS Capt. Phil Fagley, EMT; Carmen Morreale, FF/EMT; Emily Harrell, FF/CFR; Amber Gansworth, FF; and Jim Kish, Jr., FF).

•Treatment of 69-year-old male with a brain bleed: Tri Community Ambulance (Kelsey Wielgosz, paramedic; Lillie Hermanson, EMT; and Josh McIntyre, driver); and Bergholz Fire (Andrew Zuccari, EMT/FF; Lt. Mike Manth, EMT; and Capt. Kevin Mahoney, EMT).

•Extrication and treatment of automobile crash victim: Pekin Fire Co. (Tammy Snelgrove, fire chief/EMT; Lawrence Amacher, Jr., scene support FF; and Brian O’Connor, scene support FF); Sanborn Fire Co. (Rob Hoover, fire chief; Aaron MacKenzie, AEMT/scene support; and Erie Sherwood, scene support FF); and Tri Community Ambulance (Philip Richardson, assistant chief/EMT-CC; Natasha Finiki, EMT; William Adam, EMT; and Warren Holmes, EMS support).

•Treatment of a female overdose victim: Tri Community Ambulance (Sherri Reischel, chief/paramedic; Fred Ohlson, IV, EMT-CC; Kelsey Wielgosz, paramedic; Lillie Hermanson, EMT; and Jennifer Linkson, EMS support); and Bergholz Fire (Chief Brian Kroening; Capt. Kevin Mahoney, EMT; Carmen Morreale, EMT/FF; Ralph Mauro, FF; and Douglas Wittkowsky, FF).

•Care and treatment of 10-year-old boy with possible leg amputation: Lewiston No. 1 ambulance (Matthew Grainge, AEMT-CC; Joe Brautman, EMT-basic; Kevin Day, FF; and Barry Beebe, FF/driver); Upper Mountain ALS (John Malinchock, paramedic; and Chris Copland, AEMT-CC); Mercy Flight WNY (Tommy LaBelle, flight paramedic; Jennifer Crotty, flight nurse; and Gregg Gray, pilot); and Lewiston Police Department (Anthony Nicoletti, officer).

Youngstown first responders with Mayor Raleigh Reynolds.

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