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Town of Niagara: Parking ordinance briefly discussed

by yarger
Thu, May 16th 2019 01:15 pm

By David Yarger

Tribune Editor

Tuesday night, the Town of Niagara held its monthly Town Board meeting at Town Hall. While the meeting was rather brief, one resident – Denny Klidonas – suggested some adjustments to the town’s parking ordinance.

According to town code chapter 237-4 (all-night parking): Parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all streets and highways of the Town of Niagara between the time of 3 and 6 a.m.

In Klidonas’ case, he said his car has been in a repair shop for the time being. He added that the salesperson loaned a car to him and was unsure which driveway was Klidonas’ and didn’t want to park it on the lawn to avoid possible damage to the property. Eventually, the car was parked on the street overnight. Klidonas said the car was given a parking ticket in violation of the code.

Klidonas, who was not confrontational about the matter and understood the reason for the ticket said, “Most municipalities, when the climate changes, usually have alternate side of the road parking. I totally understand that our guys and girls do a wonderful job cleaning our streets. Our police officers – he was doing his job; I paid the ticket.”

Klidonas added that he is on the post-prom committee for Niagara-Wheatfield High School. With prom approaching, Klidonas said a majority of parents are going to give students a safe place to go following their big night, meaning more cars to be parked.

“A lot of kids will leave their vehicles after the prom is over,” he said. “(Then) we go to the high school, and some of them will sleep over at their friends’ houses. There’s going to be a lot of cars in the streets, and if you’re going to issue me a ticket, I guess, if we’re going to be fair, you’ll have to issue everyone a ticket that’s out there for $15. It’s not the $15, it’s more the principle. I really would like you to look at it. Maybe through the month of May 1 (or) April 1 to perhaps Sept. 30 or Aug. 31 that you should be allowed to park, as long as it’s not a high-traffic road.”

Klidonas added that he’s not upset about the ticket and is proud to be a member of the community.

Klidonas and Supervisor Lee Wallace agreed that most parking limitations come during the winter in Western New York due to inclement weather. Parking restrictions during the winter allow more space for town plows and other vehicles to properly and safely perform their duties.

“We will look into it,” Wallace said.

Councilman Marc Carpenter noted that the town does have an abundance of narrow roads with limited space.

“Because of the narrow streets, if we park on the road, sometimes it is very tough (to maneuver),” Carpenter said.

Klidonas understood, and requested the board take a glance at the parking restriction as the winter season passes and warmer weather arrives.

Wallace agreed and repeated that the board will look into it.

The next Town of Niagara Town Board meeting is at 6:30 p.m. June 18.

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