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Nicholas Phelps and his family pose for a photo. (Submitted photo)
Nicholas Phelps and his family pose for a photo. (Submitted photo)

Phelps announces candidacy for NT city clerk-treasurer

Thu, Mar 21st 2019 01:15 pm

Nicholas Phelps will be seeking election for city clerk-treasurer this upcoming fall. Phelps has been a lifelong resident of North Tonawanda where he and his family just purchased their first home.

Phelps said he believes there are many opportunities to improve the financial stability of North Tonawanda that go unrecognized.  

“New York state has been promoting green energy initiatives that our residents and local business owners could benefit from. Our city just needs to be open to the idea and move forward with them,” Phelps said. 

Phelps is also an advocate for the NT Police Department and played an active role in the campaign to improve North Tonawanda’s dispatching issues. 

“I found it a moral duty to help ensure the safety of all of our citizens. Making emergency services readily available is a necessity in ensuring our community’s safety,” Phelps said.

Phelps studied accounting and economics at Niagara County Community College. He is currently one of the leaders in the distribution department at Latina Boulevard Foods LLC, a local WNY based company that distributes millions of dollars of product weekly.

Phelps said he’s very enthusiastic when talking about the potential of North Tonawanda. He did mention that the city is “falling behind” in terms of communication services and keeping the all generation informed and involved. 

“All types of residents should readily have access to information in our city, an informed community is a stronger community, but right now I believe there is a communication gap between the current elected officials and our residents,” he said.

When asked about what improvements could be made to the city, Phelps said that cleaning up the roads and abandoned buildings on Oliver Street could help encourage new business development and add to the city’s tax dollars. 

“Recently, Alderman (Austin) Tylec has introduced a program that would allow businesses owners to apply for low interest loans for clean energy improvements to their properties, I believe this is a great step forward,” Phelps said.

As a North Tonawanda homeowner, Phelps said he’s heavily invested in the city. Phelps and his fiancé Brooke  have two children together and are expecting a third. Their oldest son, Jace, is currently involved in youth sports in North Tonawanda.

Phelps said most people have counted him out after his tough childhood upbringing. After being in multiple foster homes due to his parents’ substance abuse issues, he found a home with his grandmother.  Phelps said, “My upbringing made me who I am today. I was forced at a young age to learn the meaning of work ethic and to never have a  victims mentality. If you work hard enough anything is attainable in life.”

Phelps plans on seeking endorsements from several political parties.

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