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Niemiec calls for implementation of term limits

Thu, Feb 21st 2019 03:10 pm

Zach Niemiec, candidate for 2nd Ward alderman of North Tonawanda is calling on the Common Council to implement term limits on all elected positions in the city government. Niemiec said he believes in term limits across all levels of government, and that local government should not be exempt from them.

He added there are many models out there, including the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was ratified in 1951 by the states and placed term limits on the president. The 22nd Amendment states that no person shall be elected more than twice (eight years) and cannot serve more than a total of 10 years if appointed or filling the remainder of a vacant term for the role of president. Niemiec proposes that all aldermen/alderwomen, the mayor, clerk-treasurer and attorney abide by this rule.

The term length, according to Niemiec, for these positions is different and the limit would reflect that. He said, an alderman at-large is a four-year term, individuals holding that office would be limited to two elected eight-year terms and can serve in that role for a max of 10 years if appointed to fill a vacancy.

For alderpeople in wards 1,2 and 3, they could serve a maximum of four elected two-year terms and can serve in that role for a max of 10 years if appointed to fill a vacancy. 

In order to implement term limits, this will require a change to the city charter, ultimately having to be voted on by the residents. Niemiec said he believes this will affect the following portions of the charter Sec.2.021, Sec. 2.041, Sec. 3.023

“A large portion of Americans support term limits. They help ensure that the torch is being passed to the next generation. This creates more options for voters and residents looking to take part in the community allowing them to be the change they want to see in the city,” Niemiec said.

Niemiec added he believes this would remove the intense focus on politics and place it back on policy.

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