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A map of the proposed turning lanes at Walmore and Lockport roads. (Photo by David Yarger)
A map of the proposed turning lanes at Walmore and Lockport roads. (Photo by David Yarger)

Public information session held on Walmore Road rehabilitation

by yarger
Thu, Dec 6th 2018 04:40 pm
Turning lanes in works for Walmore, Lockport roads
By David Yarger
Tribune Editor
On Tuesday night, the Town of Wheatfield Community Center played host to a public information session on the Walmore Road rehabilitation project.
Representatives from Niagara County and C&S Companies, the engineers of the project, were on hand to walk Wheatfield officials and residents through the project and answer any questions attendees might've had.
The project will rehabilitate the section of Walmore Road from Niagara Falls Boulevard to Lockport Road. The road will be repaved, but not reconstructed. Along with that, new grass will be planted, edges of the roads will be smoothened; some ditches will be enclosed, while most will be flatter, creating less damage and harm for vehicles that might swerve into it. Also, the Cayuga Creek culvert along the road will be repaired to fix old railing and outdated features.
Most notably, turning lanes going left and right will be added at the Walmore-Lockport roads intersection. A left-hand turning lane on Lockport Road to Walmore Road will also be added. Dan Borcz, project engineer with C&S, said the intersection has a high-level accident area, and the turning lanes will make travel safer.
"This is a high accident location. You see the signs that are posted - 'Do not drive on shoulder,' 'Do not pass on shoulder' - on our site visits out there, we see people doing that all the time. We're going to try and mitigate that by actually installing turning lanes, giving people a safe lane to pass," Borcz said. He added that a new mast arm traffic signal would be added at the intersection of Walmore and Lockport roads. In addition to signage, the two signals will interconnect for time coordinated operation to reduce delays.
To incorporate the right-hand turning lane on Walmore Road, the road will be widened slightly.
In a packet handed out at the meeting, benefits of the project read, "This project will extend the service life of the existing pavement and culvert over Cayuga Creek, improve pedestrian accommodations, and improve the overall safety of the corridor by eliminating steep, roadside ditches and adding turning lanes at the Walmore Road and Lockport Road intersection. Not only are these improvements important to everyday roadway users, they are critical for the Air Reserve Station should they be called upon."
During construction, which a timetable was not listed, one-way traffic will be maintained on Walmore and Lockport roads with flaggers or temporary signals. Street traffic will be restored to the existing configuration at the end of each work day and no off-site detour will be required.

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