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Mount St. Mary's honors local EMS providers


Fri, May 18th 2018 09:25 pm
More than 160 volunteers from local fire and ambulance companies honored for service
Mount St. Mary's Hospital held its 15th annual EMS Appreciation and Awards dinner on May 16 at the Niagara Falls Country Club. Representatives and honorees from 16 area volunteer fire companies, the City of Niagara Falls Fire Department and guests attended.
"This is a special evening where we have the opportunity to say 'Thank you' to the men and women of our community who provide emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week," hospital President and CEO Gary Tucker said. "We are so proud to be associated with your outstanding efforts.
•Special Recognition Awards were provided to: Miller Hose Fire Co. for its increased efforts in providing ALS from Eastern Niagara County; Olcott Fire Co. for EMT critical care and paramedics; Tri Community Ambulance for its "100 Lives in 100 Days Campaign"; and to John Malinchock of Upper Mountain Fire Co. for recognizing possible stroke symptoms of woman at the scene of an incident.
•Best Save Awards were provided to: Jesse Clyde, firefighter, Niagara Falls Fire Department, for successful resuscitation of a man who collapsed at a local health club; Lewiston No. 1's Carter Milano/EMT-B, Lauren McLendon/EMT-B, Joe Brautman/EMT-B; and Jason Naples/firefighter/driver for treatment of 78-year-old male stroke victim; Lewiston No. 1's Michael Salada/second assistant chief/EMT-B; Matthew Grainge/AEMT-CC; Stephen Guiliani/firefighter; Spencer Lilly/firefighter; Barry Beebe/firefighter/driver; Will McEvoy/firefighter; and Keith Parmer/firefighter for response to injured female who fell from garage attic; Tri Community Ambulance's Lillie Hermanson/EMT/Driver; and Phil Richardson/EMT-CC; and Bergholz Fire's Mark Stevens, fire chief/EMT; Kevin Mahoney/lieutenant/EMT; and St. Johnsburg for response to fire and treatment of burn victim at Oppenheim Park; Town of Niagara Active Hose's John Guiher/assistant chief/EMT; Joshua Lengen/EMS captain/paramedic; April Jasper/firefighter; and Mercy EMS' Andrew LaPlante/critical care flight paramedic; Andrew Parker/EMT; and Twin City Ambulance's Christopher Jurczak/EMT and Maria Westphal/EMT for response to a motor vehicle accident with injuries; Tri Community Ambulance's Fred Ohlson IV/EMT-CC; Lillie Hermanson/EMT; Ken Black/EMT; Josh Domin/EMS support; and Bergholz Fire's Mark Stevens/EMT-chief; Brian Kroening/1st assistant chief; Keith Potter/EMT/2nd assistant chief; Jeff Stenzel/EMT-captain; Dean Durow/EMT-firefighter; and Ron Stevens, firefighter; for response to stroke victim arriving at Niagara Falls Airport; and Tri Community Ambulance's Eric Frazer/paramedic; Jake Connery/EMT; Mike Filler/Driver; Emily Harrell/junior member; and Pekin Fire Co.'s Tammy Snelgrove/EMT/fire chief and Kevin Beutel/assistant chief for successful treatment of 81-year-old female with chest pain; and Bergholz Fire's Brian Kroening/1st assistant chief; Keith Potter/EMT/2nd assistant chief; Dave Manth/EMT-3rd assistant chief; Jeff Stenzel/EMT-captain; Mike Manth/firefighter; Tyler Wright/firefighter; Duane Stoelting/Fire Police; and Tri Community's Phil Richardson/EMT; Angela Onofrio/driver; Lillie Hermanson/EMT/driver; Cayla Bonafede/crew; and Mercy Flight's John Cummings/pilot; Adam White/flight paramedic and Dr. Jose Barquin/emergency physician resident for response to an ATV accident with traumatic leg injury; and Tri Community Ambulance's Kassidy McFall/EMT; Lillie Hermanson, EMT/driver; Melissa Nunnery/EMT; and Bergholz Fire Co.'s Philip Fagley/EMT; Chief Mark Stevens/EMT; Brian Kroening/1st assistant chief; Keith Potter/EMT-2nd assistant chief; Dave Manth/EMT-3rd assistant chief; Art Kroening/firefighter; Mike Manth/firefighter; Tyler Wright/firefighter and Duane Stoelting/fire Police for care of an 85-year-old female suspected stroke victim; and Tri Community Ambulance's Phil Richardson/EMT; Roger Thompson; Mike Manth/firefighter; Leah Manth/firefighter and Pekin Fire Co.'s Lawrence D. Amacher Jr./scene support; Christopher Beutel/EMT-A; Kevin Beutel/assistant chief; Stephen Gill/scene support; Kaitlin Kroening/scene support; Robert Kroening/EMT-B; and Tammy Snelgrove/fire chief/EMT-B for successful treatment of a 67-year-old female with stroke symptoms.

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