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David Yarger
David Yarger

Meet new Tribune editor

Fri, Sep 8th 2017 09:00 pm
Greetings, readers. My name is David Yarger and I was recently named the new editor for the Tribune.
As I come in to the real world right out of college, I realize there is a lot expected from me in this position. You, the readers, want only the best content pertaining to your surrounding community, and that's what you all deserve and will get from me. I also realize I have big shoes to fill, as Lauren was an outstanding editor in her time at NFP. I'm very grateful for the help her and my fellow co-workers have given me as I step into this position.
When I was in high school, I was unsure what I wanted to do in life until 10th grade when I took a media course at Niagara Falls High School with Rich Meranto. From the first day I took the class, I knew my future was in media. I started focusing on writing my senior year, in a communications course with Amy Chiarella, and then into my freshman year of college.
The funny story of how I got into journalism revolves around a scheduling error in my first semester of college. In high school, I earned numerous college credits through certain courses. In my first semester at Niagara University, I was signed up for a class that I unknowingly already had credit for. After getting a phone call saying I could sign up for a different class, I found a course labeled "media writing." I gave it a shot, and never looked back. I went on to take more writing courses, including several with NFP Managing Editor Joshua Maloni.
I was also honored to be a part of the new school paper at Niagara, the Niagara Wire. In those courses, I became more motivated and determined to get into this field. Behind the great communications staff at Niagara, Dr. Barner, Dr. Sirianni, Dr. Teresa and Dr. Tewksbury, they were always there to guide me and help me with anything I needed.
Since freshman year, I've done various freelance work, as well as an internship with NFP. The internship called for me to write at least one article a week. By the time I was done, I averaged almost four per week. I covered mostly high school sports, because, as an athlete, I remembered the joy of seeing my name in the paper.
To close, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has already shown me support and the best of wishes for this opportunity. I also want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point. Mom, Dad, the NU staff and so many more. I'm extremely excited to start up this new adventure, and you will get nothing but the best from me.
Your editor,
David Yarger

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