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Trumpism has won over America ... but what is Trumpism?

Wed, Nov 23rd 2016 08:00 am

By DaShawna Levert

This presidential election had an outcome many did not expect. In this election, the 70-year-old billionaire Donald Trump, known for his phrase "You're fired," won the presidency.

Hillary Clinton, who was thought to win because of her political background and experience being the United States secretary of state, and who was a first lady of the United States. She was also the candidate who had the support and endorsements of many different celebrities. These endorsements and her polices seemed to get much of the support from American voters, which seemed to have been a few of the reasons she was expected to win the election.

American voters, or at least half, which is way more than expected, wanted to have something different. Voters wanted to give Trump a chance. Americans believed "Trumpism" was best for America and wanted to see what could come from Trump what it is he has to offer.


Since the recent presidential race, a new word has come forward linked to the Republican Party by default and America's next president, Trump. The word "Trumpism" is to some a political way and to others a movement they feel they should stand up against.

So what does the new found word Trumpism mean? Trumpism is a reflection of what Americans feel is going to "Make America Great Again," and its success is standalone to fact that its characteristics are those that relate to the man itself.

David Edward Tabachnick, in his writing for The Hill, describes Trumpism as being "linked to the person Donald Trump, but its roots run much deeper, intertwining contemporary and traditional political trends in such a way that makes it both uniquely American and of the 21st century, distinct from the European Fascism of the last century."

Within Tabachnick's definition of the word incorporates four characteristics: celebrity, nativism, the outsider and populism. "The four characteristics that define Trumpism are distillations of much more complicated phenomena, but provide a brief explanation of its surprising appeal," he said.

Trumpism in a sense has no actual political stance, the word more than anything describes Trump as a whole. It describes the movement in itself and what that stands for. Urban dictionary has tried to describe or explain Trumpism and it has been a hashtag and a trending topic on the popular social media site Twitter.

Since Trump's unexpected win of the presidential race, unfortunate events have been taking place in the United States. People have been distraught since the election, the type of harassment that s taking place is against the type of people Trump has targeted throughout his running. The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or the LGBT community, African Americans, immigrants, women and many different communities and ethnicities.

"Venues of harassment included K-12 schools (99), businesses (76), and universities (67). Common also was vandalism and leafleting on private property (40) and epithets and slurs hurled from moving vehicles (38)." Stated by Hatewatch staff there had been a compilation of 437 reports of hate harassment comments and actions toward groups that Trump has targeted just days after the presidential election.

Trump has had many controversial events happen before and during his running. In his history, a video was discovered where he boasted about sexually assaulting women. He has used vulgar and insulting language at the most inappropriate times. Trump announced he would build a wall along the Mexican border and make it an obligation for Mexico to put their money down to pay for it. He also boasted that he was been able to cheat the system out of paying taxes, which is a default in the American system but should that he something that was ignored because he had escape to get away with it.

Many say they appreciate that Trump is straightforward about who he is, which is something that can be appreciated by all but there is a professional way to go about situations. This man is most likely going to be our president for the next four years, but that does not mean that Americans who oppose this "movement" has to sit quietly.

Trumpism is a movement that may not be one that can be easily stopped, but those who feel strongly against the symbolism of it can speak up and voice their opinions, and refuse to lie down to the terrible things that are happening to people because of Trumpism.


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