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Collins blasts Obamacare rate hikes


Tue, Oct 25th 2016 06:05 pm

Congressman Chris Collins, R-NY-27, released the following statement Monday after reports found premiums for the Affordable Care Act's benchmark plans are set to increase by an average of 25 percent, while consumer's coverage choices will be drastically reduced in many areas.

"The implosion of this failed law was to be expected," Collins said. "Congressional Democrats and President Obama forced this program into law, despite knowing full and well that the initial rates were artificially low and unsustainable for insurers. Families must now either find 25 percent more income to pay for these increased premiums or opt for significantly reduced health coverage for their loved ones.

"Unfortunately, this latest price increase is another slap in the face to hardworking New Yorkers that Obamacare has failed time and again. Last year, more than 200,000 New Yorkers were kicked off their health care plans after Health Republic overpromised benefits to its consumers, and left New York taxpayers with the double whammy of having to pay for the its $265 million in losses."

Since passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, premiums and deductibles have increased substantially, the largest private health insurers in the nation have attempted to merge due to crippling losses, and more Americans are on taxpayer-funded Medicaid than ever before. The collapse of co-ops across a variety of states has cost taxpayers over $1.2 billion.

Collins has been an outspoken advocate against this health care program since being elected to Congress. He currently serves on the health subcommittee for the energy and commerce committee, which has jurisdiction over many aspects of Obamacare and has continuously worked to replace the law.

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