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State Parks offers news on Riverway project


Fri, Aug 26th 2016 10:00 am

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation issued an update Thursday on the Riverway project along the upper Niagara River, from John B. Daly Boulevard to Old Falls Street. Officials expect to have much of the final landscape work completed in the fall, with final completion on track for spring 2017.

The status of the project is as follows:

•Following Labor Day, landscaping of the medians and land along the roadways will begin. Contractors will remove the weeds that have sprung up in the newly constructed areas and replant with grass.

•All paths will be completed, and a pond will be built along the shore that evokes the characteristics of the former Port Day Pond that had historically been in this general area.

•The large soil piles that have grown along the road will be used to provide soil for the new landscaping.

Vegetation that has grown on the piles is required by the state to keep the soil from blowing or running off into the river. As landscaping work proceeds over the next several months, these piles will progressively shrink in size. The contractor will remove the remains of these piles at the end of the project.

•Lighting on the roundabout at John B. Daly Boulevard is currently being run by a generator until the final electrical equipment can be placed where the soil remediation is taking place.

•Pedestrian lighting on the pathways has been being progressively installed as part of the project, but will not be activated until the final trails and planned pond are complete.

•The uncompleted stonewall at the entry to Niagara Falls State Park will serve as a gateway feature that will be lit and include a bronze medallion featuring an image of the falls. Conclusion of the wall is awaiting the completion of the custom-designed medallion component.

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