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Tuscana hosts renovation reveal and open house

Sat, Oct 3rd 2015 04:45 am
Jillian Zaccarella gives Julie Laughlin a massage in her new couples room.
Jillian Zaccarella gives Julie Laughlin a massage in her new couples room.

Jillian Zaccarella is finally where she wants to be with her business, Tuscana Spa. Her studio space, which began as a hair salon/day spa hybrid, is now a full-range spa, and she is focusing solely on massage and skin care services.

A renovation reveal and neighborhood open house showcasing Zaccarella's new offerings will take place from 6-8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 9, at Tuscana, 705 Center St. (second floor), Lewiston.

"It's been a great challenge to get where I need to be, juggling partnerships and changes, getting more education, and the financing all finally lining up," she said. "I've actually got Tuscana to the place where I've always wanted it to be since opening the doors three years ago.

"The clinical therapies are very interesting, the science behind aging, and the benefits that nurturing the body can have on the mind, making people feel as great on the inside as they look on the outside. It's amazing. I'm so happy."

Notable changes at Tuscana include a modified layout to allow for larger group treatments and events such as bridal parties; a custom massage room tailored for couples massages, which was added in response to client requests; new staff trained in specific crafts and certified to perform clinical treatments such as Botox, cellulite removal, laser hair removal and tattoo removal; and even new massage techniques - including Oriental-style foot/walking massages offered in a custom room.

"I think our offerings are just a little more in tune with today's technology," Zaccarella said. "It's a big investment in equipment and training that some other spas have chosen not to pursue. Even outside of Lewiston, there still are not that many places in Western New York you can go to have some of these treatments done. Clinical specialties, like laser tattoo removal, for example, Botox, or cellulite removal, you don't see those offered across the board."

Accordingly, she said customers are pleased with her new services. 

"Yeah, I think they are!" Zaccarella said. "There was a period of confusion, I think, as we began transforming from a hair/esthetics salon to a comprehensive treatment-based spa. Our customers have been very patient through the changes, renovations, staff additions, but many of our regular customers were asking for these new treatments, so we knew it was time.

"There were growing pains, for sure. But now, the feedback on the changes, and the feedback after the treatments, is what makes me really glad I made the transformation. They can see results afterwards and almost seem surprised with the result, which always makes me laugh. The treatments really are effective, and results are long lasting. That was my vision - to bring our clients the types of services they would have access to in the larger cities, in a way that is convenient and fun and relaxing at the same time."

Customer and spa business development consultant Stacey Sheehan said, "Jillian has great taste, and she has her finger on the pulse of the industry. She listens to what her clients are asking for, and has managed to meet a specific, unique need that, until now, hasn't been available in our area. She's really spared no expense to customize her location and her offerings to allow for treatments that are in high demand."

"It's a nice addition to our local business community and another great reason to visit Lewiston. Every detail of her renovation is so well thought out, and so beautifully designed. I think she's done a wonderful job," Sheehan added.

The renovation reveal and open house will have complimentary food, beverages and other amenities from local businesses, including Soully Created, the Village Bake Shoppe, Hibbard Liquor Store, the Orange Cat Coffee Co., Casa Antica and Paula Burko. Enter to win prizes and take advantage of spa discount cards available that night.

Stephanie Hancock runs Tuscana Spa's YAG laser over owner Jillian Zaccarella's skin. 

Stephanie Hancock runs Tuscana Spa's YAG laser over owner Jillian Zaccarella's skin.

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